Jamb postpones 2017/2018 jamb


JAMB plans to tarry 2017/2018 jamb examination, inorder to make things work their way.

               It is likely shown through the jamb board that their plan is to eradicate examination

malpractisewhich will therefore give JAMB board any other option than to postpone the examination.

                Jamb board plans to organise mock examination which will then prepare the students as to what they are into.

                     JAMB form is not officially out, so if you have given your money out, so it would

advisable to retrieve it. Because in the year 1996, Jamb was not written. And no one can ever guess

what they are after; because a large percentage of people who wrote Jamb last year were not admitted

and which means they might be planning to settle those candidates first, before attempting gathering

another new set of candidates.

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