U.S Students studying at home

     One in five students in independent schools received extra time to complete GCSE and A-level exams last year.
The proportion was significantly higher than those who received the special measure in state schools where the figure is fewer than one in eight.
The difference has come to light following an analysis of official exam data by BBC Radio 4's Today's programme.
Exams regulator Ofqual said this may be because of the readiness of schools to find students entitled to more time.
HMC, a group representing independent schools, said the higher rate was down to "proper resourcing", which it said "can be lacking in state maintained schools".
But the head teacher of a comprehensive school in Suffolk said the different rates raised "serious questions".
And shadow education secretary Angela Rayner called on the government to look at the issue "urgently to make sure that no school is abusing the system".
Exam candidates receive 25% extra time, typically more than three hours to complete a two-and-a-half hour exam, because of special needs or disabilities like dyslexia.
The system has previously faced claims that better-resourced schools may be more likely to receive the measure, which is available as part of rules to ensure a level playing field for exam candidates.
Last year in GCSE and A-level exams, extra time was awarded to more than 27,000 independent school students - which represented nearly 20% of all candidates in the sector.

           Most of all the students who studied at home in U.S passed excellently, because they had time to do what they really want to do.

If this is being practised in Nigeria, what do you think the result will be.
Please comment.

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