This is a topic that has a lotof stories and goodies jam packed in it.

 With my experience as a scholar, and my love for politics, I have repackaged those knowledges that I have concerning polities.

      This problem started 16 years ago, during Babaginda's regime; when he started SAP.

The problem that started 16 years ago can't be changed but can be amended, but not a matter of 2 years . It requires the intervention of God.

       I am throwing this question to you all,  '' who is to be blamed for this present situation''.   You can add that as a comment below.
           To put the horse before the cart, this present situation is caused due to the fact that the people's voice   is being   suppressed    by power and authority; which is not supposed to be so.

What I am simply talking about is that, we the people are not playing our role.

     Another argumentative question:
'' When last did Nigeria impeach any President, Governor, or ruling party. You can comment in the box below this page.

         That simple thing is the biggest problem we are facing. Our voice are being suppressed by power.

And that is why we are being cheated because they believe they can do anything they like any point of time.

That is why we need to wake up and play an active role in politics.

              To shine more light on this,  another pillar of this problem is ethnic discrimination.  That I know we all know.

 For example, an Igbo man is not ready to accept a Yoruba man except if the man is a friend of his or he is very close with such a person.

From this,  discrimination in higher level begins, and that is when you will see an Hausa man revolt and kill his fellow brother just because they are not from the same ethnic race.
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 The suppressed terrorist group ''boko haram'' began due to ethnic discrimination and the need to rule the country.

         Furthermore, Democracy is not the right political system for us to practise,
because it has not for once performed the main task we wanted it to perform that is to bring together all Nigerians in one voice and to eradicate ethnic discrimination.

                       The right political system for us to practise isAdministrative division, that is when we divide Nigeria into axis , I mean 3 axis which are Yoruba,Igbo,Hausa.

 Each one of them will have a leader and the three will have a head to ehom they will submit all the reports concerning their own land and pay a particular amount to the Head in order to keep the country purse in order.
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 That will call for development because, when the yorubas notice that the igbo have good and standard basic amenities, the yorubas too will work inorder to develop their land also and the development competition will begin which will eventually lead to a positive result.

And when it gets to a point, iinvestors will come into our country inorder toinvest, which lead to provisio of job.

                   From the beginnig you would have expected me blame President Buhari, Jonathan or the entire government but NO, they are not  to be blamed but we all are to be blamed for not taking an active part in politics.

                 If you are also in that position you might even perform worse.

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