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Ochuole: Na your face be this? A baby does not stay in the womb forever no matter how comfortable.
Where have you been all these years? Old girl!
(looking her over) Common, you are not looking your old self at all. (touching her blouse over and over). What is the matter?

ALOHO: Ochuole my dear (she claps her hands), what is really happening, or am I seeing double? What are you doing here? I have never for a moment counted you among the people in Jabu. I thought chicks like you will be in Gbossa, the Centre of Excellence, where I understand things happen especially when one remembers your hey days in the university (she hugs her again).

Ochuole: Abeg! Make man hear word. Not only Centre! Na angle 90, Look! The Oranges are here in Jabu and I couldn't have waited to be told when they are ripe. I just have to be on ground to pluck mine right from the source. I have been here since we left school 🏫. In fact, this is my department. I work uere(she points towards an office.
ALOHO: (showing surprise) you? Work here? What on earth is happening to me? (she looks upward, hands skyward) God in

to be continued later.

written by onlie

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