Concept of paragraph

Paragraph is a familiar word to every one. It gives our write up breathing allowance.
It is the discourse of a text.
It has contents that seems to be longer than a sentence and shorter sometimes
It involves the discussion of a single topic which is related to the subject.
Importance of paragraph
1. It helps a writer to stay on track through out the draft and revision stages.
2. Good paragraphing is to assist the reader understand the text.
3. It brings about orderliness in the text.
Which will be further discussed.
Elements of a paragraph
Paragraphs is to maintain a quality of single discourse across many grammatical units.
The elements are as follows:
1. Thematic qualities
2. Coherence
3. Emphasis
4. Unity
and so on.
Coherence: is the trait that makes the paragraph easily understandable.
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