It was a happy sad moment when I realized we have to relocate.
My mom and I have no idea that we might be sent packing from our rented apartment.
What repeatedly rang in my ear was the fact that my mom just got a job after years of searching for job. Where on earth do we go to, how will be able to sustain the job, those thoughts rang in my ear.
Will I be able to further my education.\par
My friends rendered us help the day we were moving out of the apartment.
My mom cried a lot and I had to stand as a man and kept on encouraging her that all will be well. Well I had no money and as a little boy of age twelve all I could just think of is quit school and search for some menial job.
Notwithstanding I kept on believing that no matter what I go through, I ensure I achieve my dream. My dream as a kid then was to work hard and gather acquire wealth in order to take care of my mom who has been a great help in my life.
My mom who doesn't want to go back to the village because of me decided we stay in Lagos where rented a room with little amount she has. I quitted school finally and decided to work and earn money for my existence.
My friends in school wondered what my thoughts were for me to quit school.
All I told them was that I don't wish to study because I couldn't afford to utter the word 'it is because of poverty' Poverty! Poverty! I will never subject to that term, I will surely overcome.
My Friends did not believe me because I  am brilliant and couldn't buy that reason but I had to make them believe. \par
In the year 1996, I  started working with as an house boy in a rich man's house whose name was  Mr. Smith. He was an Electrical Engineer who has a company. When I was 15 years of age,I started following him to his work to do menial jobs for him{running errands}. 
The money I earned, I used them to take care of my mom. She was happy about the fact that I am hard work.
Life became hell when my neighbours came to my place of work and told me my mom had an accident. I ran heavily to the hospital she was admitted to.
When I got there she was half- dead. All she was saying was just my name[Stephen! Stephen!].
I couldn't control my tears and kept on weeping heavily.
The Doctor said they can't begin the operation until we deposit half of the medical fee which was 50,000 naira. I had no one to run to, when I seeked help from my boss who said that he had nothing that his company goods were seized in the border. 
My greatest regret was that I couldn't do any thing and I watched my mom pass out in my presence. I couldn't control my tears. At that point I realized I am all alone in this vast universe.
As a teen I re united with God and made my prayer life more better than before. I started reading my Bible everyday.
In the hospital, that very day I found a reason to live, which was to become a Medical Doctor, In order to wipe out the corrupt Doctors who are killing Impoverished and help the helpless.
I gathered my strength and started attending evening classes, with the the salary am being paid. When I was 17 years of age, I sat for G.C.E and UTME. I passed my exams excellently.
I was employed in Mr. Smith's company as a casual worker. I did both day and night and only restd on Sundays only.Inorder to earn double salary.A ll I did was to save my salary for my education.
During September, I was giving admission to study Medicine and Surgery in University of Lagos. I was extremely happy and grateful to God.\par
\tab In my heart I know this is just a step to achieve my dreams.
I paid all the necessary payment and rented an apartment close to the school. I met a friend who was from a rich background.
He financed my feeding expenses and many more, while I tutor him in all the courses we were offering. His parents were happy he made friend with me.
And I was grateful someone could sponsor my education.
Four years later when I was in my fourth year, I met someone{Linda} who made me have a feeling am important, She changed my thinking and my mindset.
She was the only feminine friend I had during my school days. She was extremely beautiful, and I wasn't in a rush because I know I have great task ahead of me which I have to do. I his my feelings from her and only wish if she could confess to me.
What made me hid my feeling was the fact that she was from a rich background and her parents are disciplinarians.
I whispered to myself whenever I see her that I acquire wealth before I ask her out so that her parents wouldn't reject me.
Two years later during my houseman ship as a Surgeon, I worked at a big big hospital where I was paid, I mean close to half a million per month. I built my house which was more or less a mansion.
I never for once cheated God of my tithe,So HE was my Personal assistance.
I became a Specialist in my field when I performed consequently difficult surgery that Surgeons avoid.
I then became a rich Doctor, I built my own Hospital when I was 28 years of age.
It then rang to me that I have to search for Linda.
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