Serioustalk- What have you Achieved

Author: Akinduyo Olamide
This is a question to every one but means more to somebody.

2018 is fast approaching , have you ever asked yourself what you have achieved so far. ...

  Well some people believed, that there is still time, some believed they are still young.

Life can be some funny that it could give assurance that "you have of me".

Reaching your destination is about moving faraway from your comfortable zone and pressing consistently towards your vision.

Anything you can paint in your subconscious mind is possible and can be achieved in the conscious world.

Ideas rule the world only when you work towards your dreams.
Hard work is the work done when you are tired and exhausted.

"As the going gets tough, the tough gets going" .

Secrets to success
The secrets to success below are all tested and has propagated many successful ones to where they are.

Note; Success doesn't mean being being wealthy, it means accomplishing your dreams

1. Be patient and courageous when dealing with people and business ethics.

2. Develop the reading habits: even though you are a business man, reading books, magazines, newspapers, series, e.t.c gives you an edge over you business partners,peers.

3. Talk less and listen more. When you talk less, You tend to gain a lot from others. Let it be in the ratio of 40/60.

If you are a business man, this will make your business rivals find it difficult to understand you and makes you look like a pro in that sector.

4. Take meaningful risks. The greater the risk, the greater the profits. Never be scared to take risks, be courageous and active in your work.

5. Be prayerful: this cannot be overemphasized, the role prayer plays in your life cannot be replaced by anything.

6. Be mindful of your time. Time doesn't wait for anyone, you must ensure you work with time and don't lavish your time on meaningless things.

There is always a right time for everything.

For business, there is a best time to increase production for greater revenue. The timing must be right.

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