Words and Synonyms: 460 Words and Synonyms you Should Know Before Your Next English Examination

460 Words and Synonyms you Should Know before your Next Examination

What are Synonyms?

English words to know


 Synonyms are words that have the same meaning and could replace the words in question

synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language, for example shut is a synonym of close.
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Teetotaler        Abstainer
Rapport        Sympathetic relationship
Stiff-necked    Very Adamant, Very unyielding, unmoved , inconsiderate
Askance        Suspicion
Execute-        Implement, Carry out
Adverse        Unfavourable
Fearless        Intrepid
Combustible    Volatile
Reiterate        Repeat
Imbecile        Stupid
Innocuous    Harmless
Precursor    Preliminary
Mundane        Worldly
Consequence    Result
Wrath    -    Wickedness, anger
Boomerang    Planned for someone else
Character    Behaviour
Duplex -        apartment    Double apartment
Dubious        Doubtful
Curtail -        Shorten
Officious        Over-zealous
Charismatic    Influential
Luggage    Load
Devastation    Destruction
Generous    Kind, gracious
Salient    -     Important
Implicating    Involving
Subtle-        Tricky
Ubiquitous    Found everywhere
Nubile age    Reached the age of marriage
Umpteen        Times without number
Enthusiasm    Interest
Absolved        Cleared
Fragile-        Delicate
Nasty        Unpleasant
Difficult        Quagmire
Evasive        Elusive
Invaluably        Inestimably
Perfunctory    Careless
Invectives    Curses
Spurious        FALSE
Stigma        Disgrace
Tumultuous    Noisy
Irascible        Become angry easily
Ignoble        Shameful, dishonourable
Faultless        Impeccable
Ingenious        Clever
Susceptible    Prone
Laudable        Praiseworthy
Unsavoury    Unpleasant
Amnesia        Loss of memory
Concurrent    Simultaneous
Insolvent        Bankrupt
Monotonous    Unexciting
Up in the air    Uncertain
Make good    Fulfil
Dark horse defeat    Unexpected defeat
Averred        Affirmed
Fell through    Failed
Nonchalant    Misconstrued
Hold up-        Delay
Break through    Outstanding success
Recrimination    Accusation
Crux-        Most important
Quick look    Glance
Aversion        Dislike
Stare-        Gaze
Gullible-        Easily deceived
Prodigal        Extravagant
Colossal        Gigantic
Freelance    Unattached
Jaundice        Prejudice
Point black    Bluntly
Genuine        Ring true
Incredible        Unbelievable
Adorn-        Decorate
Ostracized    Outlawed, shut from others
Aggravate    Worsen
Review           Examine
Endure-        Tolerate
Obnoxious    Unaware
Put up-        Tolerate
Inevitable        Unavoidable
Enraged        Incensed, annoyed, angered
Exhaustiv    e    Thorough
Inquisitive        Curious
Imperative    Necessary
Absurd-        Despondent
Disparage    Belittle
Astounding    Amazing
Appalled        Shocked
Modest    -    Humble
Revered        Respected
Credulous    Gullible
Genuine        Original
With doubts    Pinch of salt
Hell bent        Seriously determined
Masterminded    Brain behind
Conflict-        Quarrel
Feeble-        Weak
Alien        Foreigner
Annulled        Cancelled
Superb-        First-class
Adjacent        Near
Blueprint        Plan
Cooked the books    Defrauded
Gloomy    -    Miserable
Ephemeral    Transient
Mobile        Movable
Fall back        Depend
Gone bananas-    Become mad, silly or very angry
Given in        Surrendered
Kiing    -    Monarch
Redounds    Contributes
Fleeing    -    Brief
Bust    -    Bankrupt
Pollute    -    Contaminate
Crisis    -    Turmoil, impasse, imbroglio
Inaccessible    Unapproachable
Inadvertently    Unpurposely
Decline-        Refuse
Quiet-        Tranquil
Erratic-        Irregular
Corroborated    Confirmed
Consolidate    Strengthen
Extravagant    Wasteful
Disgruntled    In a bad mood
Perjury-        Falsehood
Shabby-        Dog-eared
Revive-        Rejuvenate
Humorous    Amusing
Fall out-        Quarrel
Rudimentary    Elementary
Abortive        Unsuccessful
Peculiar    -    Strange
Proof-read    Vetted
Compose    Be courageous
Rancour        Hatred
Overt-        Open
Covert-        Hidden
Scavenger    Deals with refuse
Comprehend    Understand
Zenith    -    Highest level
Regrets    -    Apologies
Acceded        Accepted
Amendable    Responsive
Significant    Important
Commended    Praised
Manifested    Demonstrated
Wholesome    Health giving
Marvellous    Wonderful
Fantasy    -    Dream
Gigantic        Big
Ajar    -    Open
Shadow    -    Reflection
Soothe    -    Lessen
Courageous    Bold
Given to        Addicted to
Vindictive        Unforgiving
Ascetic-        Austere
Niggard-        Stingy
Entice-        Lure
Aggressive-    Offensive
Invaluable-    Priceless
Underscores-    Emphasizes
Indomitable    Unconquerable
Solitary    -    Lonely
Obstinate        Stubborn
Fortified        Enriched
Candidly        Frankly
Clandestine    Secret
Appropriate    Suitable
Frivolous        Unimportant
Tyrant    -    Unjust ruler
Insane-        Mad
Imperative    Essential, important
Comrades    Loyal friends
Despair        Hopelessness
Diabolical        Wicked
Polite        Courteous
Flabbergasted    Surprised
Harsh        Sarcastic
Rescind        Cancel
Occasionally    Seldomly
Protem        Acting
Anarchy        Without government
Avert        Avoid

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