I was glad when they say let us go into the house of the lord

The feeling of joy moved my bones and shook my understanding

You will never understand that feeling until you have had a first hand experience with HIM.

About seven years ago, I was following my mom when I had mistakenly held an active electric wire.

That very moment, I was battling with my life with every part of my body vibrating. If I could lend a

word from Job, I could have said; I regretted not staying at home.

Thoughts of what would happen next flew through my mind. My mind could not process my thoughts

any longer and tears of pains became too much to bear that I could not handle after being saved and

given first aid treatment.
Families and neighbors paid visits while some did not even show up. It was a sad moment to recall.

That moment I knew God works, because many thought recovery would be difficult, but God proved them wrong.

You should how joyful I am to write this : I was glad when they say let us go into the house of the Lord.

Many wants to be God and can never be God
But God in the humbleness of spirit became man in order to save man

There is more to life than dancing and drinking.
King Solomon said, Vanity upon Vanity, All is Vanity.

When will you continue to be ignorant of the truth, there is no other name under the sun through which you can be saved.

I will worship and serve Him to the very end.

I would drop my pen by saying as many being oppressed by the devil, I cause the mighty hands of
God to visit and liberate you in Jesus name.

Jesus Loves You.