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SIWES Report Format : Writing a SIWES report for all Departments

siwes report format

Writing a SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme ) could be so tasking as one need to give a detailed report of the time spent in the organization. In order to write a SIWES report, there is a given format to follow in order to make it simple and interesting for the reader.
Below is the format for writing a siwes report.

Chapter 1
 Meaning and History of SIWES
 Objective of SIWES

Chapter 2
Description of the Establishment
Location and History of the Establishment
Organisational Structure of the Establishment
Various departments in the Establishment

Chapter 3
Work carried out during the SIWES

Chapter 4
Laboratory Equipment Used

Chapter 5
Summary of attachment activities
Problems Encountered during the programme
Suggestions for the improvement of the scheme

I hope this helps you. and if you are interested in sample, I have it and I will be releasing that soon.


The early phase of science and technology in Nigeria was characterized by the theoretical lectures in polytechnics and universities which have proven to be an ill method of teaching. Students in Universities and Polytechnics graduate with little or no technical experience in their course of study.
In the same vein, students’ inability to contribute to the society is hampering the growth and development of our country. It was in this view that SIWES was introduced to the Industrial and Educational sector.
SIWES is an acronym for Student’s Industrial Work Experience Scheme. SIWES was established in the year 1973 in order to improve the standard of education in Nigeria in order to achieve the needed technological advancement.

Economists being able to evaluate the role technology plays in a country’s economy concluded that for an economy to grow and develop there be advancement in the technology sector of the country.
SIWES was solely funded by ITF (Industrial Training Funds) during it early stage not until it was difficult to continue for economic stress: then the responsibility was shared between Industrial Training Funds (ITF) and the Federal Government.

The Federal Government took over the funding of the scheme and Industrial Training Funds took over the managerial position by managing the funds given to them by the Federal Government in order to sustain the scheme.

SIWES (Student’s Industrial Work Experience Scheme) is a scheme for the duration of sixteen weeks (4 month). SIWES is done after the first year in polytechnics (ND1); and done after Second year or third year in Universities depending on the institutions.

The effective management of Student’s Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) has been as a result of the cooperation and well played roles of the Federal Government, ITF, Supervising agencies.

Here are the roles played by the managements of this scheme.

Roles of the Federal Government

Federal Government being the major party in the establishment off SIWES; has ever since been involved in the management of SIWES. Some of the roles played are:
  •  To make it mandatory for all ministries, companies and parastatals to offer places of attachment for students in accordance with the provision decree of No 47 of 1971 as amended in 1990.
  • To provide necessary and adequate funds to ITF through the Federal ministries of industries.

Roles of ITF ( Industrial Training Fund )

  • Provide logistics and materials needed to administer the scheme
  • Supervise students through it Area offices.

Objectives of SIWES

1. To expose students to work methods and technique.

2. To provide an avenue for students to acquire industrial skill.

3. Enhancing students’ contacts with potential employers while on training

4. To help students appreciate the role their professions play in the society.

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