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state security service recruitment exams

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The SSS, DSS past question contains 
1. English Language
2. Mathematics
3. General Paper


1. Who formed the first political party in Nigeria?
A obasanjo
B osama
C obi
D Herbert Macauly

2. What was the first political party in Nigeria?
3. Who is the current president of Nigeria?
A. Obasanjo
B. Saraki
C. Buhari
D. Jonathan

4. Who is the current vice president of Nigeria?
A. Osinbanja
B. Atiku
C. Peter obi
D. Namadi sambo
5. What is the full meaning of ICPC?

A. Independent Corrupt Practices Commission

B. Independent Corrupt Practices Consults

C. Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission

D. Independent Corruption and Financial Crime Commission

6. The main Duty of SSS to protect

(A)President and His Family

(B) Governor and his Family

(C) Senior Government Officials

(D) All people in the State

7.   The current inspector general of police is

(A) Abacha Aminu

(B) Saint Farad Bida

(c) Ibrahim Mohammed

(d)None of the Above

8. Which of the following courts served as the highest judicial organ for Nigeria up till 1963?

A. Supreme court

B. Federal Court of Appeal

C. Appellate court

D. The privy council

9.  Laws made by State government are known as

A. Edicts

B. Bye law

C. Acts

D. Decrees

10. Which of these men introduced indirect rule in Nigeria?

A. Mungo Park

B. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

C. Lord Lugard

D. Sir James Robertson

11. The symbol 'Y' in the Nigerian coat of arms represents

A.The Y junctions in Nigerian cities

B. The two main rivers flowing through Nigeria

C. The mountain peaks in the north

D. The shape of the Federal Capital Territory

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