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Propeller Ads is an ads network that allows you to make money from your website by displaying some ads.

It is one of the best AdSense alternatives that can complement your monthly income.

This is the second post I will be writing under the series of how to make money through ads network.

If you are willing to find out more on this, you can visit the link here.

Making money through ads has been so difficult due to the way many start their blog unprepared.

Some starting on a free platform, others seeking audience and not being able to convert them to email subscribers.

Converting your blog readers into email subscribers is very important, if you are willing to earn big.

I made that mistake while starting a blog that is why I have decided to help you with it.

After discovering that a lot of pro bloggers are over emphasizing the need to have an email subscriber list, I decided to find another way around it:

Ads Network
I started displaying ads from different ads network to increase my ads earnings.

The Result:

I had a positive reply using two ads network and I was able to make a reasonable earning.

Though this is nothing big compared to what others make but it only showed that it can always get better.

So, if you are looking for how to make money blogging, then I suggest you join an ads network; AdSense preferably or Propeller Ads, and start displaying ads.

In this post I will be discussing how you can join propeller ads and start making money from your blog if you haven’t.

I would also be giving answers to some frequently asked questions that can be bothering your mind.

P.S. I have not really used Propeller ads on my blog but have an account with them.

This post is based on other bloggers experience on the platform.

    What Is Propeller Ads?

    Propeller ads is an ads network that display direct ads, pop up ads, etc on your blog.

    It is one of the best AdSense alternatives, if your application to AdSense was not accepted or you were banned from the program.

    If you have been banned from Google AdSense program, then you can make a living from your blog by joining propeller ads program.

    Propeller Ads program has various types of ads format you can display on your blog including Pop under ads, Native subscriptions and smart links.

    How Does it work?

    Propellerads is a Cost Per 1,000 Impressions ads network. You earn per every one thousand ads impression on your blog.

    This is totally different from AdSense which is a cost-per-click ads network.

    Propellerads display ads on your blog and pays you per 1,000 impressions on the ads daily. This implies that to join this ads network, your blog must receive more than 1,000 page views daily for better profit.

    Your Propeller ads earning is dependent on other things other than your traffic: Your CPM, demographic of visitors, and niche.


    Your propellerads matters a lot when it comes to your earnings. You can have a large number of daily page views and still earn less. This is totally due to your CPM.

    Your CPM refers to the amount you earn per 1,000 ads impression on your blog. If you have a CPM of $2, this implies that you will make $2 of every 1,000 ads impression.

    Having a blog with daily page views of 5,000 implies you will make an average of $10 per day from your blog and an estimate of $300 from your blog monthly.

    This is actually small compared to your earning capacity on AdSense.

    But you can always combine the two.


    This refers to the cost-per-action. This is the amount you earn per action the user takes. The action could be email subscription or anything closer.


    Propeller ads also display a mixture of CPC ads alongside CPM ads. This means that your ads revenue is also due to the cost-per-click of some ads.


    This is the average of all ads that has.

    Ecpm is known as estimated cost per 1,000 impression.

    Propeller Ads Type

    Propellerads have different ads type that they support. Some of this ads type can help you earn more and some are poor for ads revenue.

    According to some bloggers review on this, Propeller ads is not suitable for all type of blogs.

    This is not saying you cannot monetise your blog with it. But only means that some blogs might not be able to make a reasonable amount on Propellerads.

    But still there are some blogs that make it big time on propellerads.

    It is just a matter of niche and demographics of visitors.

    You are probably not new to this if you have used AdSense before.

    But I would still play my part in sharing with you everything I know about setting up Propellerads on your blog.

    So before moving to the ads type propellerads support, I would love to share with you the type of blogs suitable for Propellerads.

    Blogs Suitable for Propellerads

    Blogs suitable for Propellerads are blogs that say a agree to the following statement:

    • Most of your blog readers are from USA, Britain, and other European countries.

    • Your blog is in the technology niche, download niche, games, videos.

    These are the major questions.

    But the niche is not as important as the demographic of your visitors.

    Blogs with majority of their visitors coming from Asia and Africa have a very low CPM which might be just too negligible except you have a large volume of visitors.

    That is the only remedy.

    Enough of all sweet talk about Propeller ads, how do you register an account with propeller ads:

    How to Set Up Propellerads for your blog

    To register a Propellerads account is very simple with little technical aspect which is verifying your domain ownership.

    So follow the below step to register on Propellerads:

    • Go to Propellerads sign up  page and register an account as a publisher.

    • After you have signed up for a publisher account on Propellerads, visit the Propeller Ads dashboard in order to set it up.

    • Click on site and under the site click on add new site.

    How to Verify Domain Ownership on Propeller Ads

    After submitting your application, the next step is to verify your domain of your blog.

    So you need to add your domain name and verify your domain name using any of these two methods:

    Add a Verification tag to your website

    To do this, you need to go to the html file of your website, and add the verification meta tag in between the Header tag.

    That is how simple it is.

    For bloggers, you will need to go to themes and add your verification tag in between the header tag.

    After doing this, you can then verify this on Propeller ads platform.

    • Upload the verification file to your root folder via FTP

    After verifying your propellerads account, you can then start using propellerads fully.

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    Propellerads Ad Type

    • Native Subscriptions

    Native subscriptions is an ads type that pays you when user subscribe. You only earn on every successful subscriptions.

    • Interstitials

    This is an ads type that was specifically made to fit the mobile view but has recently been made responsible on desktop view.

    • OnClick Pop Under Ads

    These are ads that pops under a web page. This type of ads are the most revenue friendly. They have a high CPC and CPM.

    They are mostly found on gaming sites, viral websites.

    • Direct Ads

    This is an ads type that warrants you to direct traffic to a link and you get paid doing so.

    The source of traffic does not seem to count.

    You can generate your traffic from social media, paid ads, directly from your blog and whatever traffic source you are good at implementing.

    The joy of this is you can direct traffic from your facebook page, group and social media account to this link.

    This means the amount of traffic your blog does not affect the amount you can earn so far you have a sound marketing knowledge of generating traffic from other sources.

    Trust me - This might be the ads type you have been looking for.

    • Video Ads

    Video ads are ads type in form video. They have a very high CPM which makes them one of the best ads type.

    But they do not work on all type of blogs.

    They work best on entertainment blogs especially download and video websites.

    How To Drive Traffic To Your Ads

    The backbone of all online business is traffic.

    So in order to earn big on Propeller ads you will need traffic. So the question is how do you generate traffic for your ads?

    You can either generate organic traffic or paid traffic.

    Generating organic traffic is not easy because it is free and very competitive.

    Organic traffic are traffic from organic search, traffic from facebook page, group, etc.

    But the truth about them is that generating organic traffic is not that easy at all.

    And as a new blogger eager to earn money from Propeller ads network, the best thing you can turn to is Paid traffic.

    But I want to earn not spend?

    Yes I know that.

    But the next way you can earn as fast as possible is to spend on paid traffic.

    Imagine you spend $500 on running paid ads and make $2,000 from Propeller ads network?

    That is $1,500 profit.

    But it is not that easy.

    If you are new to running paid ads, you might get something wrong while setting up your campaign.

    That is why I suggest as a newbie you stick to organic traffic and try getting your hands on paid ads later on in your blogging journey.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Minimum Pay Out on Propeller ads

    Propeller ads minimum pay-out is $25.

    This is interesting and more attractive compared to Google AdSense for newbies with low traffic.

    So you only need to have a minimum of $25 in order to be able to cash out on Propeller ads.

    This is another reason to give Propeller ads some thought.

    If you are using Google AdSense, you might get tired of waiting to make your first $100 because that is their minimum pay-out.

    So looking to make money as fast as possible; then opting for an ads network with low minimum pay-out will be a good option.

    There are other ads networks with lower minimum pay-out like Popads, Infolinks, Viglinks, etc.

    2. How Much Can I Earn?

    This is a question new bloggers ask a lot.

    Simple answer is – there is no limit to the amount you can earn on your blog.

    Your earnings is only limited by your eCPM, traffic, and location of visitors.

    These are the things that limit the amount you can earn on Propeller ads.

    The more traffic you have, the more propeller ads revenue you make – simple as ABC.

    3. How Much Traffic do I need to be approved on Propeller Ads

    The truth is the amount of traffic your blog receive does not hinder you from getting rejected on Propeller ads network.

    This means you can always be accepted with as little as 200 page views but that does not mean you will be able to earn anything worthwhile.

    So to earn anything worthwhile, you must be ready to grow your daily visitors in order to earn something worthwhile.


    Monetising a blog is a science more than an art. You need to keep experimenting in order to have a fill of what works for you.

    Go ahead and test how propeller ads network on your blog and see if it is worth working with.

    Nevertheless the principle still remains the same that the more traffic you have, the more money you can make per month.

    It Over to You

    Have you ever used this before?

    What was your experience using Propeller ads network?

    Continue the conversation from here on, so it over to you.

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