How To Increase your Productivity on Daily basis as a Blogger

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You have to get a lot of things done.

You need to write new contents, update your old posts, and respond to comments on your blog, and network with other bloggers.

But how do you do all by yourself?

This is the most difficult phase of a blogger’s life, especially when you are just starting out.

You do not have the luxury to outsource your work to freelance writers.

And you are trying to take everything on yourself.

It’s achievable.

You only need commitment and the right mind-set to work in order to get your blog up and running.

While I was starting out as a blogger, I had developed my content marketing strategy.

But the problem is executing it, I doubt I had the ability to do this.

What I did was also to read books on increasing productivity.

My best productivity book is “NO Excuse” by Brian Tracy.

In this book I learnt the danger of procrastinating and learnt how to be the best of myself.

Recently, I wrote a post on how to write a blog post like a flash.

This idea was out of mine editorial schedule but I was prompted to write it.

Because I discovered that I had developed some kind of super natural power.

I am not exaggerating.

This was how I felt because I discovered my productivity as increased tremendously and it is something worth writing about.

Because if you know what I was like a year ago, you will know this is not a joke.

It never crossed my mind while growing up that I will become a writer, but things just turned out that way.

I had always thought of becoming a Medical Doctor and I was already treading that path before my blogging career began.

And now I am proud to be a writer and a blogger.

In this post, I will share with you the exact method I used in improving my productivity and speeding up writing skill.

This is the exact method I learnt from other bloggers and motivational speakers.

It has helped in churning out an average of 5,000 words daily.

I am able to take on more freelancing clients and enjoy that feeling of working for myself.

1. Take out some few minutes in the morning to plan for the day

This is my best tip on increasing your productivity. Planning actually works like magic.

If you have a plan, then you will not be wasting your time on unnecessary tasks.

That is why I implore you to take some few minutes out in the morning to plan your day. You might be tempted to overlook the power of writing down your post before starting the day.

But there is magic in writing down your plan in a post and working according to plan.

The question here now is how do you plan your post.

This is a reasonable question if you are planning to implement this technique.

Follow the following steps:

1. Write down your tasks

2. Arrange them according to how important they are

3. Assign time

4. Add break

5. Do It again and remove unnecessary task

Write Down Your Tasks

Do you ever wonder how writing down your daily task can help you in being effective?

This is an open secret.

You might have come across this in books, webpages or listened to this on podcast.

They actually work.

So take 5 minutes to think over the tasks you need to achieve today and write them down. Just write them as many as you can think of.

But be realistic with your daily task.

Do not be too brilliant to neglect writing your daily tasks.

Not writing down your daily task will make you ineffective.

To increase your productivity, you need to cultivate the habit of writing down your daily task.

Arrange them

Now you have made a random list of the task you need to perform.

You need to arrange them according to how important they are.

Let the most important task top your list.

Doing the most important tasks early in the morning gives you the confidence to work on other tasks.

Arrange your task according to priority.

Run Through

Now that you have arranged your tasks according to how important they are.

Take about 5 minutes to run through your list and remove low value task that adds no value to you from the list.

These are the time thieves that waste your time every precious day.

You need to cultivate the habit of not doing a task that does not add value to you.

Assign Time

Now you have thrashed the useless tasks from your list, you need to assign time to each and every task on your list.

Not assigning time to your tasks can render your plan ineffective.

So set reasonable time that each task can be achievable.

Add Break

You need to treat yourself like human, because you are human.

Our body requires rest, so you need to assign break.

Not assigning a break period, you are only giving your body the license to take rest forcefully.

And you know the body is weak, not setting a break-time ; you will spend more time doing useless things in order to satisfy your body.

That is how the body is. But when you have a set time for break, your body automatically fits in and follows the program.

That is how you make your plan.

2. Stay Focused and avoid distraction

This is the disease eating up our day; distraction. In order to be effective, you need to able to master self-discipline.

Staying focused is not easy in a world filled with distraction.

But with self-discipline you can easily attain this.

Though it might not be easy while starting, but with constant practise you will attain this.

In order to stay focused, always remind yourself of how important finishing your task is.

This is why making a plan will go a long way in keeping you focused and effective during the day.

In order to do away with distraction, you might need to avoid discussions that do not add value to the task at hand.

You might not like this idea, because we are all social beings.

But you need to learn how to draw the line between social life and work life.

When it is time for work; work and if it is time for socialize; socialize.

Missing the two together, you will not be able to achieve the two.

3. Be Passionate About What You Do

You cannot be effective doing what you don’t love doing.

To be effective you need to fall in love with what you are doing. Be passionate about what you are doing.

Not being passionate will only give you more reasons to procrastinate. You need to love what you are doing and do it well.

4. Listening to music can help you

Yes! Listening to music can help you stay focused when working.

Whenever you are listening to inspiration songs, your hormone becomes active and you tend to focus more on your task and lesser on the stress.

Music can reduce stress.

Also as a blogger, writer’s block is one of those problems you will encounter.

Listening to music can help you avoid writer’s block.

5. Daily Exercise

Staying glue to your computer all day will not increase your productivity; it will only make you less productivity.

You need to exercise your body every day to stay active and focused.

Running, Jogging, skipping are exercises that can help you regain yourself after long hours of looking at the screen.

It is better to work at your productive time than to work all day without rest.

About the Author

Akinduyo Eniola is a freelance writer for hire and a blogger. He writes about digital marketing, blogging and affiliate marketing at Gurus Coach.

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  1. Hey Akinduyo Eniola ,

    Great post with effective tips to increase productivity on daily basis. I really like your post and the tips that you have suggested. Writing new & fresh content, updating the older posts and responding to the blog comments are truly essential to increase the productivity. Writing down the tasks and arrange them according to importance are really vital, whereas adding break are also necessary. Stay focused and avoiding the distraction is really a good tip and will helps a lot. Avoiding the distractions are the perfect best way to stay focus.

    Be passionate about what we are doing is a great key and will provide more reason to involve in work that we really love to do. We must do a type of work that we really love to do. Doing a work for which we are passionate will also improve and increase the focus on that work. Music are a great source to reduce stress hence listening music helps us to stay focus. Doing exercising of a body is also important and necessary, whereas exercise on a regular basis will be helpful and helps to stay active and focused. As this post will help many readers and people to increase their productivity.

    Really helpful post and thanks for sharing.


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