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If you are into any form of online business, then you must know how technical or tricky accepting online payment in Nigeria is.
There is no joke about this.

Accepting online payment is very tricky because most of the platforms for popular online businesses do not pay directly into a Nigerian bank account.
So this makes its paramount to look for an alternative way of accepting online payment in Nigeria.

Like I have said most of the businesses do not allow payments in to Nigerian bank account. So you might wonder, how do they make payment then?
They make payment either into an online bank account like PayPal, Payoneer,  etc.

For Payoneer, it is easy to have the money transferred into your Nigerian account or make use of your Payooner  card to withdraw at any ATM stand in Nigeria.

But as for PayPal, it is very complicated as PayPal does not allow withdrawing of money from PayPal account into a Nigerian Bank account because of how popular Nigerians have been known for fraud.

So its now left for you to solve the puzzle on how to get it into your Nigerian account.

So in today’s post I will sharing with you alternative ways of accepting online payment in Nigeria regardless of the kind of online business you operate (I mean legal business !!!!), be it freelancing business, blogging business, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization business, drop shipping, importation business, domain flipping and many other businesses that you might operate.

You might also come across an alternative  way you might already be familiar with.

So let get started with it.

1.    Use Payoneer

Payoneer is a global payment gateway company that serves as an online bank for netpreneurs. If you are looking into receiving your payment in Nigeria, then Payoneer is worth trying.

Payoneer makes its easy for their users by providing an ATM card for users to receive their money from any ATM standpoint.

Payoneer is a popular way for receiving payments online and moreover, Payoneer runs an attractive offer of giving you a bonus of $50 dollars when you have made a certain amount of transactions on
Payoneer gateway platform.
If you are interested in getting started with using Payoneer, then you can click here to register.

2.    Receive using Wire transfer

Not all business platforms on the internet allows the use of wire transfer to receive payment in Nigeria from the platform. For example, Fiverr a freelance website for freelancers of different skills like writers, graphics designer, copywriters, video animation maker, video editors, virtual assistant, etc does not use any other form of payment except PayPal.

So if your online business revolve rounds Fiverr, then making use of wire transfer as your payment method is obsolete.
And the most interesting aspect is that PayPal does not allow withdrawal into Nigerian bank account.

So if your business revolves round Fiverr, you will have to employ other methods in order to withdraw your money from PayPal into your bank account.
So one of the method you can use is cutting the edge which will be discussed in the next point.

For bloggers that make use of AdSense in Nigeria, You can also receive your AdSense payment through wire transfer in Nigeria

3.    Cut through the Platform Payment Gateway and Have a Personal Deal with your Clients.

This is going to be difficult and might lead to dropping number of conversion rate. This technique is simple but not formal.

This involves you using Fiverr or whatever business platform you use as a means of getting clients, you then have a personal chat with your clients where you will need them to do a wire transfer into your account as part of the deal.

This might be difficult to employ but as time goes on, if you offer a quality service; then you will be able to build a circle of recurring clients that love and trust you.

While this might not be easy, I repeat, it will help you in the long run in building a sustainable and independent business without having to fully depend on the business platform you operate in.

4.    Use an Invoicing software

If you run an independent online business where you offer your service, you can easily make use of an Invoice software to generate invoice and receive payment from your clients.

Using an invoice software will help you build credibility with your customers. This is because not everyone will feel at ease on paying someone they have not met before directly.

So using an invoicing software will help them feel at ease since the invoicing software will take care of the transaction in order to ensure the two sides are satisfied.

So if you run an independent online business, I would employ you to make payment on your website flexible with different payment options for your customers.

5.    Use PayPorte

Have you heard of PayPorte? I would guess – most probably.
PayPorte is a Nigerian payment gateway company that makes it easy to receive online payment in
Nigeria. But there is a disadvantage it has.

The demerit is the limited reach PayPorte has on the online global market. Many of the global business platform do not integrate PayPorte as a payment method for their consumers.

So this means that if your business is a global one with clients from different countries, then it might be a bit difficult to use PayPorte as an online payment option for your customers.

6.    Connect your PayPal account to Payoneer

Since I have broken the news to you that as per the time of writing this content withdrawing payment from PayPal into your Nigeria bank account is nearly impossible.

So you might be wondering then how do you go about receiving your payment if your business revolves around a platform that has PayPal as its only payment option(like Fiverr)?

Okay I will let the cat out now.

And that is linking your PayPal account to Payoneer.
I do not have any content on how to do this but will tell you it’s a popular technique or trick used in Nigeria.

After successfully linking your PayPal account to Payoneer, you can then request for your Payoneer ATM card (if you do not have one already).
The ATM card is what you need to withdraw your money at any ATM standpoint in Nigeria.

7. Accept Money in Digital Currency

If you are familiar with digital currencies like perfect money, bitcoin, etc. Then you would know that you can receive your payments in digital currencies, then you change it to your own preferred currency at any retail shop.

It is as simple as that.

8.    Tell Me More

If there are any other payment gateway company that works in Nigeria and are not listed on this list, please do let me know about it.
So if you know any other do well to comment below and I will have it added to this list.

Disadvantages of Accepting Online Payment

The disadvantages around accepting payment in Nigeria does not only pertain to Nigeria, it’s a global thing.
So do not fret over any disadvantage and some are not really harmful to your business.

•    Fees

Excessive fee charges are common among all payment gateway companies both national and global ones.

So the charges pertaining to receiving online payment is something to think about when choosing the right means of accepting payments online in Nigeria.
This fee might result in a reduction in the amount you are to receive from your customers.

•    Delay

This is not common, but it exists in some payment gateway company. They delay the paying out of money to customers. This can be due to some internal movement or confirmation of the payment in order to reduce fraud.

But all the same, a delay is a delay. So you need to choose based on the one that will mostly benefit your business.

•    Not All Payment Gateway companies are supported by Local banks

This is yet another thing to look into. Not all payment gateway companies are recognized by local banks.

So when choosing a gateway company, you need to confirm with your bank that the payment gateway company is recognized.
If not you can either open an account with a bank that recognizes the payment gateway or opt-in for another alternative.

Either of the two should serve you well.
Are you new to the world of online business, I have an epic guide that will help you in choosing an online business to begin your internet career with.

You can find the guide by following the link below.
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How was it? Did you enjoy your read? Here we are at the end of the post on how to accept online payment in Nigeria. I would love to hear from you. Which of these is the best payment gateway company to use?
Which one have you tried before?
Keep the ball rolling, I would love to hear from you.

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