What is the Best Laptop for Blogging in Nigeria 2020

What is the Best Laptop for Blogging in Nigeria

I have a guess, you just started blogging! Though its an open truth considering what brought you here.

So you have started your blog or you have been blogging for some time now and now considering a change of laptop to facilitate your online business.

I also got to a point in time when I had to think of getting a good laptop that can be a support to my business and not a liability.

So in this place, I will be giving you quality advice on what to look out for when looking for a laptop fit for blogging and other online businesses.

To be frank, any laptop will do it (provided every other things including electricity is in good condition). But in Nigeria, this might not be possible.

So there is need to be very technical and smart when getting a system for online businesses.
With the nature of online businesses, you might need to spend close to 6 hours daily on your laptop.

So I will not be specific in terms of the laptop most fit for your business but will give you some features to look out for when doing your hunt.

So let get to the deal.

Which brand should you use?

Any brand can do the job. But I personally prefer two laptop brands which are Hp and Dell. But not withstanding, all other brands to are okay (Toshiba, Acer) but when it comes to laptop, the two popular brand are what I prefer to choose from.

Dell is known for the it durability and the strength of the laptop. Dell is hell bent in terms of strength. It has a limited design to choose from.

While Hp on the other side has a lot of design varieties to choose from and are known to have beautiful and colourful designs that makes them attractive.
Hp laptops are also known to have a strong battery (battery can last as long as 4 hours upward).

If it comes to Toshiba, they are quite known to have high priced laptop with good strong battery. The first very laptop I owned was a Toshiba Satellite laptop.
And I have also experienced the not so interesting part of a Toshiba laptop which is their weak motherboard.

Toshiba motherboard are not as strong as that of Dell and if not handled with care and fragility; you will have to replace the motherboard once in every two years.
If you are not planning to use it for that long before going for a change, then you can opt for it.

That is that of the brand.

Which Laptop is Best for Blogging and other Online Businesses?

Yes, this is what you are here to learn.
So I will tell you in a simple way the best laptop for blogging.

Toshiba Satellite? No!

HP Probook 640 Core i3? No

HP Elitebook? No

HP Pavilion ? No

So then what’s it?

The best laptop for blogging is a laptop that can last atleast 4 hours and can withstand working on graphics without freezing up/ hanging.
So it now for you to choose.

When getting a laptop, get a laptop with this specifications:


Ram: Atleast 4Gb RAM 

Hard drive: Atleast 320Gb

Processor: Atleast Intel Pentium, I prefer Core i3

Battery durability: atleast 4 hours

Other parameters you might be interested in can now come below.
Many of these parameters are easy to ascertain except for the battery durability.

To ascertain the battery durability, you can read a guide about how to get a used UK laptop in Nigeria on Salesytech.

Salesytech is a company that deals with the sales of 1st grade used laptop in Nigeria. I got two laptops (both mine and my colleague’s ) from Salesytech and it lasts for 4 hours.
So I can confidently refer you to them, if you are looking to order yours from them.

Let continue.
You can also check your battery durability by generating a battery report on command prompt.
Open command prompt on the laptop and enter the below command:



You will see a command showing you where your battery report was saved (which is always in a Html format, so you open it with a browser).

Hope this helps?

Now that I have cleared your mind on how to make the choice for yourself considering your needs, I will be ending this post with a list of top 10 best cheap and affordable laptop for small internet entrepreneurs and bloggers.

So here we go with the list.

1.    HP Elitebook pro Core i5


HP Elitebook is one of those rugged laptops that you can rest assured about when it comes to choosing a laptop for your business.
Elitebook Core i5 is a high generational laptop with a very fast processing speed due to the Intel Core i5 processor that it comes with.

If you are not familiar with computers then you might not understand how important the processor your laptop comes with play in the performance of the laptop.
The higher the processor the faster the laptop works and smart it responds to commands. If the processor is low, you will always have a consistent freezing and hanging of the laptop when running a powerful software like Adobe Photoshop.

So that means you are less likely to enjoy the performance of your laptop when performing graphics design tasks and many more.

I’m referring to low processors like Intel Celeron, AMD dual core and Intel Pentium.
While Intel Pentium is still a bit manageable, it is still not the best choice if you are going into video editing.

So with that you should know how high Core i5 is in the rating of processors.
HP Core i5 Elitebook comes with keypad light which makes it so rugged and does not get easily damaged.

It is also portable and has a good battery durability close to 4 hours.
You can contact our partner company, Salesytech to get a good HP Elitebook laptop.

2.    HP Probook 640 Core i3


HP Probook 640 Core i3 is also a good choice if you are looking for a laptop that can support your business. HP Probook 640 is worth being on the list.

It is small and portable with a beautiful design that you would really love to display to your audience if you have any sort of presentation.

HP Probook 640 is also cheap for an average person to afford which makes it worth being on this list.
It has a bright front camera that can easily serve the purpose of video recording for production of video content if you are into this.

The specification

Hard Drive – 500Gb
Processor – Core i3
Battery durability – 4 hours

On a side note, I use HP Probook 640 Core i3 for my online business endeavors.
Price of Good 1st grade Used HP Probook  on Salesytech – N65, 000

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