13 Best Naija Gossip Blogs (Entertainment) in Nigeria 2020

13 Best Entertainment Sites in Nigeria with Amazing Contents for you

This is part of the Top Blogs in Nigeria series post.

We all love entertainment, accept it or deny it.
The fact still remain that we all love to be entertained.
But our way of getting ourselves entertained is what differs.

Some love playing keyboard to feel entertained, while some on the other hand love reading books or blogs to relax and entertain themselves.
Not just that, entertainment could also be in form of watching movies, listening to songs, participating in sports, playing games and many more.

The point here is to give you an hint that not all entertainment sites listed here is about celebrity, in fact you might not find any.
In this post I will only be listing sites that provide direct entertainment to their readers.

1.    Bella Naija

Bella Naija is the first on my list not because it’s just popular, but because Bella and her team know perfectly well how to convey entertainment to their audience.

They do not just write and publish for search engine traffic following some silly keyword tool, they do this according to what they feel their audience needs or what they could use to entertain their readers.

Bella Naija has different sections on the site, it has a wedding section, an influencer section for motivational talk, it also has a section for movies for the week and music, etc.

Bella Naija is popularly known in Nigeria has a top rated entertainment site but if you look deep, the site is worth a place on the global ranking of best entertainment sites.

2.    YNaija

YNaija is a site I came across while carrying out my research on the best entertainment sites with amazing contents for you.
YNaija is a popular entertainment site in Nigeria with specific audience focus on the Youths. At YNaija, you will find latest trending entertainment gist on celebrities, savages comedies, and political gist.

3.    YabaLeft

YabaLeft is a unique entertainment with unique and interesting entertainment gist. If you browse through the contents on YabaLeft you would be left in awe as how unique they present their ideas and gist.

YabaLeft is driven by unique people with a passion for entertainment; which clearly reflects in their content.

YabaLeft seems to have a controversial meaning as it actually refers to the Psychiatric hospital at the left side of Yaba. So if you are familiar with the saying (Yaba owo osi, as it is being referred to in Yoruba language), then you would better understand the word YabaLeft.

The founder actually chose the domain name to stir up controversies and make it a memorable name for everyone.

4.    GDTV

GDTV is a Nigerian entertainment site that focuses on the review of movies and songs. GDTV caters for its audience in a unique way. Rather than publishing entertainment gist on celebrities, it creates content leveraging the love of movies and creating content based on the hunger of the youth.

GDTV is unique and it is run by Gurus Coach Media, to fill in the gap in the movie market. GDTV is still growing and not as popular as most on this least but that does not reduce the quality and the uniqueness of the content on the site.

5.    WapLoaded

Waploaded is a movie and songs download site. It provides movies and songs for free download to its audience. It’s a popular site among movie freaks and song lovers.

Waploaded has created a space for itself in the entertainment industry making it a leader in the movie and song media industry.

When it comes to download movies both Hollywood and Nollywood or any movie at all, the first site that comes to mind is Waploaded because it provides its all free and making it’s a strong competition for movie streaming site in the Africa market like Iroko tv, Netflix, etc.

6.    9JaFlaver

9JaFlaver is a wonderful and unique entertainment site with a simple interface for just anyone to use and understand.

If you are a music freak that loves downloading songs online, then you would have come across sites claiming to provide songs for free download but just redirect you to porn site once you make a click on the download link. Many of such sites are on the internet just after the traffic and money not interested in user experience or audience needs.

But 9JaFlaver stands out among them, once you click on download  be sure you have already succeeded.
So I give 9JaFlaver kudos on this.

7.    Information Nigeria

This is a Nigerian entertainment and News website that focuses majorly on News type of entertainment. Information Nigeria curates content from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Information Nigeria is owned and run by Kingsley and his team.
Information Nigeria is one of the top 50 most visited sites in Nigeria according to Alexa rankings.

Information Nigeria had once been awarded as the first facebook page to hit 1 million likes in Nigeria and the world as a globe.

8.    NaijaLoaded

NaijaLoaded is the most popular music download site in Nigeria. Before 9JaFlaver came into existence, this site has been in existence and it is still the leading site in Nigeria.

You might have been expecting this site on the site earlier on, so pardon me. This skipped my mind so just to let you know, this list is not in any preference order.

NaijaLoaded is owned and run by Makinde and his team. NaijaLoaded started out as a music download outlet site and later diversified to cover comedies, short videos, and now even have a section for entertainment news and gists.

NaijaLoaded is unique and well branded with large numbers of unique and engagement provoking content. So don’t be surprised to see a post on the site having as high as 500 comments and more.

Makinde and his team know very well how to engage their audience and have them share their opinion on the events happening in the country and environment.

In the same vein, NaijaLoaded run a weekly poll to hear their audience mind on any latest happenings in Nigeria and the world at large.

9.    DailyPost

DailyPost is a Nigerian entertainment site that focuses on the news and latest gist in various subjects from politics to football.

DailyPost is a leader and consist of brilliant minds that have been to take DailyPost from nowhere to well-known and recognized brand in Nigerian and the world.

DailyPost ranks 6th as the most visited site in Nigeria pushing Legit, Pulse below the rank and taking the lead.

They have the most brilliant minds working with them looking at how they have been able to grow consistently for over 5 years without a break or a drop.

This site is owned by Bamidele and it is no longer just a site but a media company. At 2015, the media company started printing DailyPost NewsPaper available at a NewsPaper joint.

Though their focus is majorly the internet audience which is where over 90% of their revenue comes from, they also do their best in providing NewsPaper for free in order to promote the media company.

There is something so unique about DailyPost, which is their design and user interface. Daily Post has  a beautiful design and user interface. The beautiful design has also contributed to the growth of their audience base.

10.    NairaLand

Nairaland is the biggest and most visited forum in Nigeria and Africa. Nairaland is owned and run by a minimalist, Seun Osewa.

Though Nairaland is a forum, but it appears to have the largest base of entertainment gists and news. In fact, some of the entertainment sites source their gist from the NairaLand.
I am 99% sure that you would have visited Nairaland before. Nairalanders in the house, I respect una o.

NairaLanders are good inspectors and know very well how to fish out things just only through an image. Give them an image and they will give you a chronicle and things they suspect might be happening backed up with proof.

I so much love nairaland. Nairaland is a reference point for even big entertainment sites. Apart from twitter where Nigerians gather to vent their anger and discuss trending matters, NairaLand is the second and only where they do that again.

Make a search on Nairaland and it will come out with various results for you, Nairaland has now become a search engine for entertainment gist.

11.    NaijaGist

NaijaGist is an entertainment site in Nigeria with unique and engaging contents too. The first time I came across NaijaGist, I saw something different that are missing in most of the entertainment sites in Nigeria.

What I saw is that NaijaGist founder has been able to build a personal connection with her audience that each and every of her content looks like she is having a private chat with her audience.
So I give NaijaGist Kudos on that.
NaijaGist has its own personal influence on her audience which makes her successful in her niche.

12.    Tooxclusive

Tooxclusive is one of the most popular music download site in Nigeria. Tooxclusive is an entertainment site that is well known among music lovers.

Tooxclusive has a simple user interface that makes it easy to understand by their audience. After Naijaloaded, the most popular music download site, the next is Tooxclusive.
There is something so unique about Tooxclusive, which is their ability to stay focused on a single niche, which is music.


Most of the entertainment sites that started as music download have all spread their net to cover the entertainment niche at large.
But on the other hand, Tooxclusive has been able to stay focused and niched.

13.    Lindaikejisblog

You must have been expecting this to be the first on the list or the second on the list, right? I decided to put this at the bottom of the list in order to shine the light on other entertainment sites doing it right.

Actually Lindaikejisblog should be on the top of the list, but there are some things that I took into consideration when listing the best entertainment sites.
And also have it in mind that I did not make this list in any order, its just a random list.

14. LailasBlog

Lailasblog is owned by Laila as the name of the blog states. Laila Ijeoma was a former banker who resigned at her work place in order to face blogging squarely.

She is one of those bloggers worth following and learning from. Mother of two wrote everyday as that is what an entertainment blog requires; before she eventually hit success. 

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Here we are at the end of the post. What did you think about this list?

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