Beauty of Africa Poem - Best of the Best

African's have proven to be a gem in the world of literature. It amazes me
whenever I read poems and books written by Africans. Let�s read Africa by
Poetry in Africa circles the variety of traditions arising from Africa�s 55 countries.
�Africa is a CONTINENT with experience; mother of all nations�. Poetry in Africa
encompasses the pre-colonial and western era.
There are many poets in Africa, they have successfully written Africa in poem.
Some of the popular poets are:
Dennis Brutus
Chris Abani
Chinua Achebe
Ama Ata Aido
Mike Alfred
Mohammed Awzal
Robert Berold
Mildred Barya
Prof Wole Soyinka
Christopher Okigbo
Ladan Osman
Safia Elhillo
Enjoy these few selected poems (Anthology)

Give me a world
Without the poor
And I will be rich

Give me a world
Without violent
And I will be pacified

Give me a world
Without hunger
And I will be satisfied

Give me a world
Without churches
And I will be faithful

Give me a world
Without people
And call it paradise

Countless human colors;
Within, across, races;
God�s earthly flower
Blessing to mankind.

Africa mother stock
Home of germination
Divine manifestation
Until whole earth bedded

Beauty more than a trait
Diversity most beautiful
Monocolor too boring
Races beauty of earth

Races like rainbow
Earth horizon beautified
To His glory above
All that dwell rejoice.

Drinks and broke
Gambles away, violent home
Home abused, neglected
Comparable analog

All over the world
Worst in Africa
Oil boom, human nightmare
Nation suffocates

Sold in barrels
Accounted in margins
Pockets full, treasury dry
Loot �swissed�

Ethnic bickering
Resource control fume
Gun barrels hold unity
Nation in coma

Gravely deep sleep
Angels hover above
For nations requiem mass
Oiled to foolishness

He said:
It�s just a Negro and
In his deep felt

He measured me
With the smallest measure
His self complacency
Did not see
The long shadow

That negritude cast ahead
For otherwise
He would surely say
Ai, a Black.

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