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Outsourcing some of your tasks can help speed up your project and bring the rapid growth you want for your business.

Do you need help in growing your business? I can help you with it.

Hello, I am Akinduyo Eniola, over the past years, I and my team have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills in technology and internet marketing; which you can use to the growth of your business.

To contact us, kindly forward your mail to [email protected]

Below is a list of services I offer together with my team:

Graphics Designing service (including info graphics) - Negotiable

Logo Designing service - Negotiable

Freelance writing service - Negotiable

Search Engine Optimisation for website - starting from $100

Web Designing service- Negotiable

Build a wordpress blog - N28, 000 / $80

Social Media management - Negotiable

Why hire me?

  1. · I have a strong understanding of digital marketing strategies that delivers excellent result
  2. Have guest posts on blogs like and also designed infographics for blogs like 
  3. A deep knowledge of search engine optimisation


You stand to enjoy a free business consultation with me and my team at GurusCoach.
I have been a business consultant, digital marketer and an entrepreneur by heart.

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