Nigerian Google AdSense Account Approved After First Rejection
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You know the dream of all newbies in blogging,

To have an approved AdSense account.

Not having an approved AdSense account seems to be the end of their career, worse having a banned AdSense account.

Are you one of them?

You have a blog? Or you have submitted your application to AdSense before and was rejected?
Is it true, talking of what I said earlier?
that after starting your blog; the next thing that runs through your mind is monetizing your blog with Google AdSense?

Some bloggers even believe that Adsense is the only way they can monetize their blogs which is a wrong perspective about blogging.

Well I have good news for you.

To have your AdSense application approved is very simple and does not require any technical aspect.
When I started blogging, I submitted my first AdSense account application after about three months (3) of blogging.

The outcome was that my first application was rejected.
Just like you, I thought that was the end, but I have always been so persistent. I decided to try something different that you might not have heard of on the internet before.

This is a secret that I thought to keep quiet about.
But, no matter what it is, someone will talk about it one day and its better being the first to talk about something tricky, right?

That was what I thought about.

If your first application was rejected, that does not mean it’s the end.
Getting an adsense account approved has been painted by some bloggers as a very difficult thing to do, which turned to be false. When I started blogging as a newbie, I also believed those things about google adsense.

I read a lot of posts exaggerating how difficult it is to have your adsense account and how easy to be banned from google adsense program.
This might look like I am also exaggerating but believe me that is how it was painted to me through the blogs I read.
I know you are also familiar with this too.

But I am here with a different message and a good one to tell you how easy it is to have our google adsense application approved by Google Adsense.

Do You Think I’m Lucky? No this is not luck but actually how adsense work. And if its luck then you also will find that luck.
The truth Google is not a cheat like what others have painted it to be.

And also, I do not carry bad news about all I bring to my readers is good news.
Yes, from the title of this blog post, it was clearly stated that my first google adsense application was rejected.

This is true. When I first applied with a month old blog of mine, my application was rejected and the reasons for rejection were stated.

Though this application was around March 2017, which is two years ago as at the time of writing this article.

So, I cannot provide you with the image stating the reasons for my first application rejection, but I will try and summarise what it was all about and what I did to have my second application approved easily.

The reasons stated in the mail sent to me was addressing my content, saying I have few quality content on my blog which is the main reason for rejection.
The truth is as at that time I was finding it difficult to figure out what to do because then I was a poor writer.

I find it difficult deciding on what to write and how to put it in order to make it unque.
But what I have come to find out is that there is no perfect unique content.

You need to find a source of information.
Whatever you are about to write on, someone else as written on it.
The only thing that makes it unique is your writing tone.

No matter how hard I try to write, I can write like Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger.
Though I wish I could.

Enough of teasing, let talk about the real deal; how I got my second application approved after first rejection.

In a few seconds, I would be talking about exactly what I did before submitting my second Google

AdSense application.

What I did Different before submitting my Second Google AdSense Application

1. I added about 5 new Posts

Though it being long and I have updated most of my blog posts, I cannot remember the total numbers of posts I added.

But it about 5 posts to 7 posts that I added to my blog.

After the rejection, I added 5 new posts in order to improve my blogs’ image.

I added this five posts because Google Adsense specified that I add more contents on my blog and also emphasized quality content; which is what I did.

2. I changed my Admin Gmails’ account

This might sound completely new to you because no one might have suggested this to you. Yes, I did so for some personal reasons which you will find out below.

This is the new thing I was teasing you about; changing Gmail account.
This was possible because I was on the blogger platform.

In order to obtain a clean start with my Google Adsense application, I changed my Gmail account in the settings bar.

This I did in order to give Google the impression that this is a changed blog and quicken my approval process.

And this actually helped me to have my AdSense account approved on my second application.

3. I Changed my Blogger’s Template

My former template was a custom template which seems heavy and slowing down my blog loading speed.

I changed to one of the templates that is mobile responsible provided by Blogger. This change was prompted by one of the post I read on a blog which I can remember right now stating the importance of blogs’ template to google.

4. I Waited for a While

Yes, waiting for some time helped me. I waited for about one to two month(s) before submitting my second application.

These are the tips that helped me in order to have an approved AdSense application after first rejection.

Go Ahead and Try This.

Not trying this is putting this into waste. The right time to implement this change is now. So get straight with your blog and do the right thing.

Do not read any other blog until you have implemented this.
Because I am sure it going to work.

Has Your AdSense account been banned?
I also have good news you.

Though you have been backlisted on Google AdSense for one reason or the other, I don’t care.
There are other Ads network that you can join and keep getting your monthly alert.

Some of this Ads network are Propeller Ads, Chitika, Mediavine, Viglinks, Infolinks etc.
You can click on the links to register and keep earning that money.


Having your AdSense account approved is not as difficult as being portrayed by others. All you need to do is to follow instruction and have your blog prepared.

Are you just trying to submit your first AdSense application, then you can read my guide on setting up AdSense for your blog and making money right away.

Quick Tip

It took me long hours to compile this and chronicle my journey on having my second AdSense application approved.

I would really appreciate it if you share this to others. It would be painful for just a few people to read this after taking my time to compile it.

See it as your gift to me. I really love comments also, so please say Hi before going.
I would love to see you again.

9 Tips To Increase AdSense CPC and Revenue 2020
Adsense ads units

Do you want to increase your google adsense earning?

You are tired of getting low CPC and very small number of clicks?

There is a way out for you to solve this.

Among the different ways of monetising your blog, Google AdSense is the easiest.

When starting a blog, a lot of beginners decide to build blogs for adsense purpose only.

AdSense is by far the easiest and the lowest in terms of returns.

Running adsense on a blog is not just about slapping some ads on your blog and expecting a good increase.

There are other things you need to put into consideration when placing ads on your blogs including the format and size.

Are you a new blogger or just hearing about Adsense? I have you covered.

What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an ads network that displays ads in form of text, image, video on your website and pays you when someone views or clicks on the ads.

Among all ads network, Google adsense is the best and highest displaying ads network. Adsense is a cost-per-click ads network which means you are only paid when users click on your ads.

How Does Google Adsense Work?

You need to understand how Google Adsense work before tweaking its for higher revenue.

You can check my post on how I got my Nigerian AdSense account approved after first rejection

Tips To Increase Google Adsense Revenue

1. Write Quality and Unique Content

This is by far the first step to take in order to increase your adsense earning. While doing my homework on this, I came across one of google post on their blog discussing how to get the best out of Google Adsense.

I will it as stated on Google blog :

“ For starters, your site could be initially approved by Google adsense but later reviewed for quality assurance. In other words, you can’t fill your site with low quality content to get 100 pages indexed and monetised”

You can see Google also feels the same way. You can not eat your cake and have it.

Quality content can never be replaced in the success equation of your blog. Google is not dumb to pay you over poorly written content.

You need high quality content in order for your blog to be served high quality ads. This is the first trick in improving your adsense revenue.

You would be see anything close to “block low cpc ads” on this list. So if you want to see real and quality change then you need to be ready to write quality and unique content.

This is the foundation of increasing your earnings.

So, What Makes A Quality Content And Unique Content That Resonate Well With Google Adsense?

This is the next question you should ask me. Just thinking of an idea and scribbling something down is not going to help you in any way.

I would not stop you from doing a thing without showing you a better way of doing it.

Writing a quality content is simple but can be time consuming most times (like this one I wrote,  How to Become a Successful Blogger).

I would write another article addressing this issue.

Here Is How I Go About Writing My Content

• Do A Proper Keyword Research

This is something you have heard a lot and think its not necessary. I do not think there is need to convince on the importance of keyword research to your online business.

This is necessary if you are willing to grow your blog. Keyword research can be performed wrongly so you need to learn the technique of keyword research.

When performing your keyword research, you need to select keywords that are less competitive, high volume search, and have high Cost-per-click (CPC). You can achieve this through the help of keyword research tools.

• Write SEO Optimized Content

In order to rank well on search engine, you need to write seo optimized contents. Google adsense value search engine traffic to any other form of traffic.

In other words search engine traffic is the best to improve your Google Adsense earning.

2. Allow Text and Image Based Ads Type

According to experiments performed by Google adsense experts, text and image ads type increases clicks and CPC. The more clicks you have, the more earnings you make. Reasons why text and image based ads type increase ads click is not far-fetched.

Text and image ads type are always attractive because of the graphics and its easy to get more ads clicks meaning more google adsense earnings.

If you are willing to improve your adsense earnings, then I implore you to allow text and based ads type.

3. Try These Three Ads Sizes

• 336 * 280

• 330 * 250

• 728 * 90

Not all ads sizes increase clicks.

Some have lower conversion rates and therefore irritates readers.

On the other hand, some ads boosts the number of clicks increasing ads revenue.

These ads size are not that special but shows differently and smartly to users.

These ads sizes are 336 * 280, 300*250, 729*90.

These ads sizes helps in making an addition to your blog. They look custom thereby increasing clicks.

Have they been tested before?

Yes they have been tested before by various people including me.

What performed best among those three for most people is 336*280.

Reason not well known, I wont act as if I have a reason while that ads size is performing better than the rest.

And I don’t think it is that important to you.

What is important to you is increasing your ads revenue which is what we are discussing here.

4. Use Red For Clicks

This is not my idea and I don’t have solid reason why this work. But I implement this too on my blog. I do not think it has much value rather than making the links attractive and easy to see.

Other reasons are left to be explained by colour experts.

What I will only say about this is that it seems to work but not all the time. Sometimes, you might want the background of your ads to blend with your blog background. The bottom line of everything is just to make it difficult for users to neglect the ads.

5. Block Low Paying Ads

This is something you must have seen all around in other blogs. But the question is about; how do you recognise low paying ads?

This is the right question to look into. If you are really interested in boosting your ads revenue, then how do you block low paying the ads?

This can be difficult to do, because does not give a metric of the CPC of each ads clicked neither does it break down the ads that resulted to your earnings.

It only gives the estimated amount you earned and the number of clicks on your ads.

The only way you can discover those ads with low CPC is to monitor it yourself.

To monitor the ads being displayed mostly on your blog, you can easily detect the virus killing your AdSense CPC.

But this will only be a guess.

But it can work out well if you place a close watch on ads mostly displayed on your blog.

6. Place Ads Below Post Title

This technique works like magic.

Many people do not read your content to the very end, but they cannot avoid reading your content headline.

Placing your ads below your title exposes to more impression and more clicks on it.

Presently, 70% of my ads revenue comes from ads placed below post title.

Doing this, you can almost double your ads earnings.

If you are already doing this, then try the next one.

7. Place Ads Above the Fold

Yes, this also works like charm.

I think I need to correct something, 70% of my ads earning comes from ads placed above the fold and below my post title.

Yes this is true.

Ads placed above the fold generate the highest number of impression and also a large number of clicks.

If you have not being doing this, then trying this will help you increase your ads revenue.

8. Keep Experimenting

It’s true that the tips and tricks given above works like charm in increasing your ads earnings.

But you might not have the same luck like I had.

And you will be wrong to think your present AdSense earning capacity is what your blog can provide.

There are better tips which you need to discover yourself.

Because what works for me might not work for you, and new ads are being run everyday.

What you have to do is to keep experimenting and trying new things that work out.

Because we all have different blogs, niche, theme and writing style.

My blog’s theme might not be able to support what your blog’s theme can support.

All you need to understand is how users interact with your website.

Knowing this, you can create a unique manual on how to increase AdSense revenue.

This means you can uncover what works well for you.

9. Start With This

It took me hours to write this, sitting down and typing for long. I would really appreciate if you would share this to your friends on social media.

That is the only way you contribute to this and yes, I love comment.

Comment only means you enjoyed this tip.

So let keep the comment rolling in.

Do you need my special tips on small scale business ideas you can start? Then kindly click here to read it. a guide to help you in getting started with an online business.

New to AdSense, then you can read my guide on how to apply and set-up your AdSense account

Google AdSense Guide - How To Make Money With AdSense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a way of making money on your blog.
You have worked hard on your blog and you require a reward, Google AdSense can reward you for your work.


You have heard of it right?

That you cannot make anything worthwhile with displaying ads on your blog.

Pro bloggers have discouraged you from monetising your blog with ads network.
Well I am not a genius but I might disagree with that.

I hate going against the community but I also don’t like following the world.
I want to be unique and share quality advice to beginners like you.

The truth is I have also had my share in this discouraging ads network earnings but I have also had some success with it.

And in this post I will be sharing with you how you can monetise your blog with ads network Adsense to be precise, and still make good money.

Though what you earn might not be as big as what you will earn when monetising your blog with affiliate programs.

But the bitter truth that most pro bloggers don’t tell you is that, for you to earn through affiliate you need to have the trust of your readers.

Sometimes, you might not make a single affiliate sale in a week, all through a month and even months.

So when this happen, how will pay the bill and still keep yourself and your blog?
This is why I strongly advise to have multiple means of blog monetization.

Do not put all your eggs in a basket.
Spread them in order to earn big.

So in this post I will be discussing how you can monetise your blog with Adsense and still make huge amount.

Google Adsense has always been the best ads network with higher CPC and definitely higher earning ability.

If you are conversant with this blog, you would have been seeing some kind of ads like that below.
That is google adsense ads.

I monetise my blog with Adsense and I know you too can also while still providing value to your readers.

You can also expect some answers to questions most people ask regarding to this topic.
I have written this post to make it the most comprehensive guide on mastering Google adsense.
You don’t have the time to read this now?

I’ve got you covered. I have also created this post in a PDF format. So you can download it if you don’t have the time to read it now.

Or you can also bookmark for reading later.
Be sure to read every word, because I have written it for you and no one else.

So think of this as my gift to you.

I am passionate about help you make an earning online.

The only way I can proof this is by creating comprehensive guide on making money online.

This is the exact article you need to start earning from your blog as fast as possible.

So enough of all this sweet talk let get into the real thing.

How I Got My Nigerian AdSense Account Approved After First Rejection 
 - Read also

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an ads network that displays ads in form of text, image, video on your website and pays you when someone views or clicks on the ads.

Among all ads network, Google adsense is the best and highest displaying ads network. Adsense is a cost-per-click ads network which means you are only paid when users click on your ads.

You are not paid except someone clicks on your ads.

How Does Adsense Work?

Adsense is an ads network that help advertisers advertise their business, product and event on blogs, including mine and yours.

Adsense then share their revenue with bloggers by paying bloggers per each click.
The amount you earn is based on some kind of system that will be explained  below.
The amount you earn from Adsense is based on the following measure values:

  • Clicks
  • CPC
  • CTR
  • Target audience (country)
These are the four things that control how much you earn on adsense.
So let me explain each of them in order to take this out of the way.


 The number of clicks on your ads the more you make.  I’m basically talking about clicks on  your ads. 

The more clicks you have the more you earn and the less clicks on your ads the less you earn.
Do I have any corny guys thinking what I am also thinking.

Engage in self-clicks? 

Well I have bad news for you.
You can’t game the gamers.

Google has been issuing ban to all those engaging in illegal activities¸ do not harm your blog by engaging in illegal activities.

Trust Google have their way of fishing out accounts with illegal activities.
So do not try engaging in it. Rather I would advise you to spend the time on growing your blog audience by producing valuable content like the I-can-help-you call.

If you have decided to engage in illegal clicks, then stop reading because  Google team might be typing your Ban email (laughing).
But there is still room for you. Take this message like the come-to-Jesus call.

Known as cost-per-click, it is the amount you earn when a user make a click. If  your CPC is
$0.3 then you will make $0.3 click on every adsense ads click on your blog.

If in a day you get an average of 100 clicks the you are sure to make $30 a day. Then if this continues to the end of the month then you can make $30 * 30 which is $900.

That is a good amount of money. But as a beginner averaging such amount of clicks might be very
difficult but as you grow your blog faster then you can be sure of passing $1000 dollars a month.
Only few people make more than $1000 from Adsense.

When talking about few people, I’m talking about 300,000 blogs when compared to the increasing number of new blogs daily; it’s a small number.

But you can make that if you have a better CPC like $1. Having a CPC of $1 means you will make an average of $100 a day from 100 clicks and $3000 dollars a month.
In one word, CPC matters a lot in the amount you earn.


Known as click-through-rate, it is the  percentage of your readers that click on your ads.
You should expect that everyone will click on your ads. In fact the percentage of people who click on ads are mostly less than 2% depending on your niche.

But that should not surprise you because that two percent can be high.

 Assuming you have a daily visitor of 10,000, an ads CTR of 2% and a CPC of $1. Let calculate the estimated amount you should earn a day.
This means that of 10,000 visitors, only 2% click on the ads.

2% of 10,000 will be 2/100 *10,000 which will be 200 click a day.
That is way higher, right?

If our calculation is to be done right, then you should make about $200 a day and about $6000.
This is high I believe and it is someone’s dream to make this high.

But in reality, attaining that high amount of traffic is not  day’s job.
Nothing good comes easy so you should know this.

But still it is achievable by smart work and not hard work.
Big companies like owner of big blogs (Thoughtco, Life Hacker, Verywellfamily, etc) monetise their blog through Advertisement.

You know what, they pay the salaries of over a thousand employees through ads revenue. That is to tell you that you can grow a big blog through AdSense.
But direct advertisement is the best if looking to monetize your blog through advertisement.

Target Audience 

Who are your target audience? I am referring to the demographics of your readers, I am talking of the country they are coming from.

How could this affect the amount you earn? 

The main reason why advertisers want to advertise is to grow their business, increase sales and grow a brand.

In order to make a sale, conversion ,must occur online.
The best audience that can easily convert are audience from developed countries not underdeveloped or developing countries.

The likelihood of user from a developing country converting easily online or buying a product is very low.

This is not hate statement because I am also from a developing country, Nigeria to be precise.

So advertisers are willing to pay higher for clicks from developed countries (Europe, America) but pay a very low amount for clicks from developing countries (Africa and some part of Asia).
So your target audience matter a lot.

If majority of your readers are from USA, then you have a higher ability of making more money compared to having majority of your readers from an African country.

Sorry for taking lot of your time but remember it’s a guide to help you. If at this point you feel like you are busy to read this; then do yourself a favour by bookmarking it or downloading the PDF version.
The next thing to look at is how to register for AdSense and have your account approved.
Let take one more thing out again in order for you to be able to follow us in this step: the requirement before submitting an application.

Requirements for Google AdSense

Before submitting an application you need to be sure that you are really ready. If you submit an application in a hurry then be sure to receive your rejection letter in a hurry.

The number of applications the Google AdSense team receive daily is more than a thousand.
When going through the application and discovered a baby blogger submitted a babyish application; they will be eager and happy to raise their red flag.

If you really want to escape their rejection letter then be sure to prepare well and ensure your blog meets the requirement and is not against any of their policy.

Let go into the details of Google AdSense requirement.

1. You need a blog 


You know this, I know this and everyone knows this. But we still need to remind ourselves because you knowing this does not mean others know.

You know about blogging but do you know that someone does not even know what a blog is while another as not heard of that term before?
So let not put assumption into this and say it as it should be.


How to create a blogspot blog

How to Become a Successful Blogger in 2020

2. You Need Quality and Unique Articles on your Blog

This is also very important. If you don’t have any article on your  blog, then I strongly advise you bookmark this page and take your leave.

Only come back after working on creating unique content on your blog.
Not until that is done, don’t make a come-back.

This sounds like I am joking but that is very important. If you have low quality content or stolen content on your blog, then I would also advise you to take the same tip.

This is not just to scare you but is to give you warning.
It better I give you the rejection letter before Google does, or what do you think?

Quality content is very important in what you do. If you lack quality content then you should be ready to take the same advice given above.

3. Create an easy to navigate blog 

If your blog is not easy to navigate by human then it would also convince the robots running through your sites.
So if you don’t want to have any issues with robot crawl then you had better create an easy to navigate blog.

4. A Gmail Address (Google mail address) 

I would not assume you know this. In order to submit your application, you need a Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail address, then you can click here to sign up for a Gmail address.

These are the four things I see important before submitting your application to the Google AdSense team.
Other things will be discussed later on; reasons AdSense team will reject your application.
So for now if you have done the above things then you have 90% chance of being accepted.  Let move into the step by step details on submitting an application.

Step by Step Guide to Register for AdSense

1. Visit Google AdSense Sign Up page to sign up

To submit your application, visit the AdSense sign up page at

2. Click Sign Up now.
Just below the page you will find a sign up now button that you can click in order to start the process.

3. Enter the URL of the site that you show ads on.
A small box will appear asking for your URL. Feed it your URL in the right way.

4. Enter your Email Address

This is the section where you enter your Gmail address and submit your application.

5. Choose whether you'd like AdSense to send you customized help and performance suggestions.

I recommend that you choose yes so that AdSense can help you get more out of AdSense. You can change your contact settings later.

But if you click on No then they will not be able to give you tips on how to improve your ads performance. It will only cost you a click to delete unnecessary mails.

6. Click SAVE and Continue

After entering your email address then save and continue.

7. Sign in to your Google Account

8. Select your country or territory

9. Review and accept the AdSense terms and conditions

10.    Click create account

After this you will be taken to your account.  But note it will not be functionally. 

You will need to wait for the Google Adsense team to review your application which might take around 3 working days before replying.
You either get a congratulation mail or otherwise.

But if you really followed me and ensure your blog is well prepared then you will have your application accepted.
After getting your AdSense account approved then you can continue reading this guide or you can as well continue reading.
Now I will share you tips on how you can set up AdSense on your blog.

How To Set Up AdSense on your blog

To set up your AdSense account on your blog is very simple.
Simple if you have a guide to follow.
Sometimes simple might not only mean the literal meaning. Having no knowledge of HTML or CSS, I am very sure you will be able to do this yourself.

But if after reading this you still find it difficult to do and think outsourcing it is the best thing for you then you can contact me to get it done.

1. Visit your AdSense Account  

This is the very first step you need to take. If your Gmail account is signed in then you can visit your AdSense account by visiting their homepage which will redirect you.

2. Click on Ads > Ads unit

Auto ads - Google Adsense

After visiting your AdSense account, at the left side of the page you will find  a navigation bar to help you. Click on Ads and a drop-down menu will show.

In the drop-down menu you will find Ads unit which you will click on.

3. Click on New Ad Unit 

Once you have clicked on Ads unit, you will see something like what below. Then you click on New Ad Unit as indicated in the image below.

New Ads Unit | Google Adsense

4. You will then click on any of the ads unit you will like to create. 

 For a starter, click on Text and Display ads.

Each of the ads have their own method of display but the best I recommend among the three is the Text and Display ads.
Text and display ads | Adsense
  • Text and Display ads
This is a simple way to get ads on your page by choosing the size, placement and style you want to display. These are the most common form of ads you find on most blogs displaying Google ads.
  • In – Feed ads
These are the ads that flow naturally inside a list of articles or products on your blog, offering a great user experience.

The third form of ads you will find is the In – article ads.
  • In – article ads
In-article ads are those ads that fit seamlessly in between the paragraphs of your pages for an enhanced reading experience.

I will be using the text and display ads to continue from here on.

5. Enter a name for your ads unit.

Google AdSense |
This can be anything ranging from the mixture of letters. Better still you can use your personal name for the setup of your ads unit. The box to insert your name is on the top of the page (left hand side).

If you try to save without entering a name you will get a red notice at the top like seen in the image above.

6. Click Save and Continue
 After giving your ads unit a name, then you can save it and continue.

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7. Copy the Code you are given and paste on the HTML part of your blog.

Ads code | Adsense

 You will see an HTML code which you will need to copy and paste on the HTML tab of your blog.

If you are running on the blogger platform, then you can easily add this by following the below steps.

For Blogspot 

  • Visit
  • Click on Layout
  • Click on add a gadget
  • Click on HTML/JavaScript
  • Paste your code and  Save

 For WordPress users 

You can easily do this also by making use of Widgets.

From the Administrative dashboard, go to appearance and find widgets. 

Paste the Adsense code, then you can just drag and drop the code into the widget area where you want it displayed on your website.

Alternatively, you can use a plugin. 

If you are interested in using a plugin, I strongly recommend Adsanity plugin for this.

Adsanity gives you an opportunity to place your ads on better performing location.
This is an advantage most Plugins might not offer you.

That is all about setting up your blog for AdSense.

Now let go to tips that can help you increase your AdSense Ads CPC.
Since I have given you some bad news that your CPC matters a lot and it can be low depending on your country or niche.

I would finish what I have started by giving you some short tips from one of my post on how you can increase your CPC and AdSense revenue.

Tips to Increase your AdSense CPC and Revenue

1. Write Unique and Quality Content

In order to increase your ads performance and CPC, AdSense team strongly advise that you write quality content and unique content.

You cannot expect to be raking-in money from your blog through stolen content. Google of all will never accept that cheat.

So if you are already running AdSense on your ads and you have stolen contents on your blog, another advice for you is to return back the stolen contents.

Do not just delete those contents, you can write your own content around that topic in order to still keep that page functioning.

2. Target high CPC keywords

Yes you heard me right. There are some keywords that have low cpc and some have high cpc.
So you need to choose your keyword wisely when running AdSense on your blog. 

That should not necessary make a change to your content marketing strategy.
You can simply add some keywords for the main purpose of increasing your AdSense CPC. I do this a lot.

3. Allow Text and Display Ads

This is also a trick that works. Allowing text and display ads helps you to increase your ads cpc and ctr. 

You can try this out. To continue reading you can click here (open it in a new tab and continue reading).

Things You Should not Do In Order To Avoid Getting Banned

Congratulations, you have been accepted into the AdSense program.
So what would love to try out in order to increase your earnings?

Please do not try out anything that is against Google AdSense ads policy.

Violating their policy will result in you being banned from their program and remember that you are only licensed to one account.

Below are things you should not do.
  • Never Click on your Ads
If you are beginner with very small traffic then you might be compelled to engage in self clicking.
But remember this is against Google AdSense policy. 

If you engage in this, you are only risking your account and putting your blog on the blacklist of Google AdSense.

I know you don’t really want this to happen, then take heed to instruction.
Do not run back to me and say Eniola I have been banned what do I do?

Well I will probably help you out but I cannot help you in getting back your account back. But I can give you some list of AdSense alternatives that you can join.

But still you might not be able to make up to what you make on AdSense except you up your game.
  • Exchanging clicks
After saying that you must not click on your ads, I know some people are pretty corny. 

But the truth is no matter how smart you want prove to be remember that Google also have their team who spend millions of dollars on getting more ways of reducing spam and illegal clicks.

So whatever you can think of, know that Google is aware of it.
In one word, do not engage in exchange of clicks programs. If you do so, Google has a way of getting it.
The only one I know is tracing your activity and using location.
But if you are expecting to tell how they can detect you are engaging in it. 

Then I suggest you post it on the forums and have your AdSense account banned.

Sorry I lost my manner few seconds ago. It is the result of sitting at my computer desk for long hours.

I wish I could add a conclusion note here but I still need to cover some frequently asked questions before bidding my goodbye.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Still Recover My Account After Being Banned?

Yes. But recovering your account is a 50/50 thing. 

The probability of having it restored is slim because you will need to contact the Google AdSense team and have them manually review your blog and reason why you were banned.

2. How Much Can I Earn From AdSense?

Your earnings on AdSense is not limited. It is only dependent on the amount of traffic your blog receives. 

Simply put, the higher your traffic, the higher your earnings; and the lower your traffic, the lower your earnings.

Some bloggers earn above $50,000 monthly form Google Adsense while many struggle earning $100 monthly.
So, it’s more dependent on how much traffic you receive.

3. How Much Page views must I have to be Approved?

There is no standard page view to be accepted in AdSense. You only need to have a well-designed blog with quality and unique pages.

This is all you need. For more clarification, I got approved with a daily page view less than 10 a day.
Including mine own.

4. What is Adsense Threshold (Minimum Payout)

AdSense minimum payout is $100. You need to have a minimum of $100 before you can withdraw your money.

Take Home Tip.

What have I missed or what mistakes have I made when writing? Have you ever had any success with Adsense? Use the comment box to share your views.

The most important aspect of a post is the comments. The comments are also informative and full of goodies just like the post because it is your view.

I am also willing to learn from you, so let continue the discussion below in the comment section.

Google Adsense: How To Make Money Blogging in one Month

How To Protect Your AdSense Account From Getting Banned

Congratulation! You have been accepted into the AdSense program.

Before you continue your celebration, read this.

It is true that:

Getting accepted into AdSense program is very difficult while getting banned is very easy.

So you have passed the difficult phase of running AdSense on your blog and the next thing is how to avoid getting banned.

Google AdSense team issue ban on suspected AdSense account every month.

While some accounts are guilty, some are innocent.

But once you are being banned from the program, getting your AdSense account is very difficult though bloggers like Harsh Agrawal of Shout Me Loud have had success in reinstating their banned account and getting back.

That success is not evenly distributed.

Majority of the bloggers who had their AdSense banned failed in getting it back.

This can be a big loss if that is your only source of income as a blogger.

That is why I strongly advise bloggers to diversify their sources of income.

In order to avoid joining the number of bloggers weeping over their banned AdSense account, I have written this post to help you avoid this. (Forgive me for being rude over there.)

So the good news I brought to you today is that you can prevent your AdSense account from getting banned by doing the tips I would be giving you in this post.

I would love us to remove one more thing out of the way before going:

I do not want to take for granted that not everyone here has an AdSense account, I have written an epic guide on getting AdSense application approved.

I also have another post on how I got my AdSense account approved after first rejection.

How To Avoid Getting Your AdSense Account Banned.

1. Do Not Click on Your Ads

There is a passage in the Bible that talks about removing the log of wood in your eye before removing others own.

That is exactly how I think we should treat this. Before talking about protecting your account form illegal clicks, I need make its known that you also must not click on your ads.

Clicking on your ads means that you are trying to increase your ads revenue.

Even though that might not be the case mostly, you must avoid clicking on your ads.

What if you mistakenly make a click?

Yes this happens sometimes.

Whenever I am browsing my page in order to see how it is appearing, I mistakenly make some clicks and hit the back button.

Google understands that the click was unintentional and does not count it.

And when it is counted, the cpc for that click is always very low.

So mistakenly clicking on your ads will not harm your AdSense account.

But when the click becomes intentional and occurring many times, then Google will start putting your account under check.

Your activity will be put under investigation.

If it continues, then you might bag a ban on your account.

2. Avoid Invalid Clicks

Now that you have removed the log of wood in your eye, you can now see clearly who else is making illegal click on your ads.

Sometimes, you might see a sudden increase in the number of clicks with the same page views. This sudden increase can harm your account and make Google suspicious of your account.

So in order to protect your account you might need to remove all ads from your blog for a day or two days in order to avoid more invalid clicks.

You can trace the activity yourself using Google Analytics.

3. Remove Adult Contents

Do you have any adult content on your blog?

Remove those adult contents. If you don’t know about this before; adult content is one of the violations of Google AdSense.

AdSense is one of the ads network that stays true to it policy and one of those that does not accept adult content.

If you run an adult content blog, then I had advise that you either remove your Google Ads from your blog or delete your adult content and start all over from a new niche.

The latter might be very difficult if you have a blog with large daily views but can be very easy if your blog is a new blog with little to know views.

4. Avoid PBN

I would have omitted this because of an article I read on Viperchill’s blog. But the truth is Google is against Private blog network.

I did not understand this not until I joined a facebook group where I found so many things that new bloggers do just to increase clicks.

If you are new to blogging, you might not understand what Private Blog Network means.

I have written this for everyone, so I would explain myself in order to achieve the main aim of creating this content.

Private Blog Network are network of bloggers with the same aim of sharing things like backlinks, promoting one another.

Private Blog Network (PBN) used to be something good and Google friendly as it shows how bloggers can easily build relationship.

Not until it became worse, when bloggers started using it to carry out their black hat SEO techniques.

I was shocked when I saw that people use this to exchange clicks and improve their AdSense earnings.

So Google caught up with that and counted building a Private Blog Network as an illegal online activity.

5. Avoid Buying Views

Are you so desperate to buy page views in the name of increasing your ads revenue?

Well you are one of Google’s enemies.

Google dislikes this because you are trying by all means to deceive Google.

Buying views to increase your ads revenue will not help at all.

You are only putting your account at the risk of being banned.

Do you want to avoid being banned?

Then stop buying views.

Rather than buying views, I had rather work hard and spend more ours building readers and traffic.

If your main goal is building a sustainable online business long-term, then I think building your traffic is what you should be doing.

Buying views will not help you, because those views can not convert or buy any of your products

Rather than wasting money to buy views, why not hire someone to write blog posts for you and grow your blog

Well for a side note: I am a content marketer and a freelance writer for hire. You can always spend that money on me, and see the result.

6. Do not share your AdSense earning with anyone.

This might sound funny.

You were not expecting this, right?

But the truth needs to be told.

Sharing your AdSense earnings to people only put your account in a risky position. Not everyone wish you well.

Haters are out there, who will not mind spending a lot to send invalid clicks to your blog.

Making the shout means you are inviting them and giving them the necessary information.

This is the main reason why webmasters do not share their blog details when writing a report and some even paint their account detail in order to avoid being spammed.

So, when next you receive your AdSense earnings, keep quiet and continue enjoying it.

7. Share this.

It took me some hours to compile this guide to help you. Sharing this will make me happy and it is a way of contributing to this blog.Have any question, or any contribution; meet me in the comment section.
I am waiting for you.

Akinduyo Eniola is a freelance writer for hire and a blogger. He writes about digital marketing on his blog at Gurus Coach