Why You Need to Build a Personal Brand for Yourself as a Student
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You do have the dream of having a successful professional career.

Having taking some steps in making this a dream come-true. You are succeeding academically or atleast you are putting in your best.

And this is great. But you do not really need to be too concerned on this.

Being academically outstanding is great but is not a requirement for having a successful professional career in this present world.

This present and technological world is not in need of students with good grades but is in need of people ready to put in the energy to impact their society at large.

Having good grades will surely land you a good job but not a career.

A career is something you love, breathe in and out and something you keep doing for the rest of your life.

You would always have to resign or retire from your job one day or the other. But your career is till the very end. This is why you need to choose your career wisely.

That said, in this post I will be sharing with you the reasons why you need to build a personal brand for yourself while still schooling.

I have once written a blog on why you need to start a business while you are in college.

Before we get started, let get this straight.

Building a business is not the same as building a professional or personal brand.

A business does not actually mean your identity or personal brand. Neither does it mean what you stand for.

But a personal brand is your belief, your identity and can eventually be your business. Business in the sense that - what keeps you busy for the rest of your life.

Let take this as an example.

You can start a business to start selling gadgets. This is your business, your business brand.

And other hand, you can be a human right activist and also sell books on it, launch programs on it. This is your personal brand. This is who you are.

Did you get this?

So let get into details into why you need to build a personal brand while you are in school.

  • You Have Nothing to Lose

You heard that right. Either you build a personal brand for yourself or not, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Building a professional career while still in school only beautifies you more and prides you in a higher heirarchy in school.

Imagine being known widely as a human right activist while still in school? How would you feel when you are in school?

The way you are being treated will change because people know you are unique.

  • To Raise your Voice

We all do have a voice that we want the world to hear. Either it is something we want to stop or something we want to cultivate or a thinking you want to pass on to the world.

That is the voice we all nurture inside of us but many of end up killing the voice. And this is because we dont give room for expression.

Building a successful portfolio makes it easier to raise your voice and leave the world better than the way we met it.

Our duty is to leave the world better than the way we met it. Do you think this is what you want? Then give building a personal brand a shot.

  • It is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

While others are out there looking for jobs, you are being paid to change the world. Whenever I am at work, I envy successful writers that are getting paid sharing their ideas and their thoughts through their words.

I envy artists that are getting paid expressing theirselves. And the worst part of it was that I knew I could be better  off than them.

So if you ask me, what the best gift you can give yourself? It is following passion and getting paid for doing what you love.

Making impacts doing what you love is better off than being put in an office getting paid. Well if being in an office getting paid is your passion, then I am out of it.

  • To Land a Better Job

If getting a job in a big company has always been your dream, then having a personal brand can help you get the job on merit.

Your achievements will make your dream company call you in without you submitting application depending on your level of influence.

That said, including your achievements in your resume will make it very attractive to your dream company.


I have given you reasons why you should pursue building a personal brand while you are still in school. But I cannot force this on you despite the reasons I have listed (I wish I could because it would be the beginning of change in your life).

So therefore, you have the choice to make whether or not you are going to be exploring this new form of humanity.

In my next post, I willl be sharing how to build a personal brand.

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How to Avoid Making Excuses All the Time - No Excuse
How to Avoid Making Excuses all the Time - Say No to Excuse
Avoid excuses - free


You have an assignment to carry out but you are just too busy to find time for it.
Your work wouldn't allow you to have time for other things and even for family. I understand you dear.

 But the truth is what you lack is management.

There are more than a thousand reasons not to do a thing but there are few reasons to do it, which makes it easier to say I am busy.

You claim you are busy, but you have the Time to use social media, you have the time to update your status and also browse the internet right??

Who are you deceiving bro?

Do you know that this is the reason why many never achieved their dreams..
Not because there is no enough time to do it but because they would always find an excuse to deceive themselves and shy away from their responsibility.


I know you have something to say and can even be a better worder in paraphrasing and making your excuses legal.

"Why have you not started your business?"

Uum!! You should understand now! Hustling between having a tedious job and running a side business is not easy at all.

And to be precise I am very occupied presently and my work will not allow me to juggle a side business.


Yeah those excuses are polite and reasonable but the truth is that you didn't mean everything above. The thing is your brain is now to lazy to ask "How can I achieve this?" .

Your brain finds it more easier to give an excuse rather than a useful solution.
I repeat again, excuses has killed so many dreams than you can think of.

I am writing this post to at least let you know how dangerous the path of giving excuses is and how you overcome this attitude.

I am not saying there are no genuine excuses, but try not to even give an excuse where it warrants it.

This will somehow build your profile as a trustworthy and good to work with person
So in this place, I Will be charging you with tips for avoiding excuses.

1.  Plan Your Day

Yes this is very important for you to avoid giving you the excuses. Plan your day so that none of the daily tasks escape your mind as you juggle through the day.

Sometimes it isn't that we are not interested in carrying out that task or rendering that help. It is just it keeps escaping our mind and we try and makeup excuses for our negligence and forgetfulness.

So in order to this, it is better you start your day with a plan .
Do not shy a away from any task by not working without a plan.

So before starting your day, let your first task be to plan the day and not the tasks that are needed to be done that day...
To make the best of your plan, read the next tip...

2. Do the Difficult Tasks First

This is an important part of planning your day.
You would always be tempted to do the easy tasks first before the difficult tasks in order to fill you have achieved something at least that day.

But that doesn't work that way.
First do the difficult tasks and let your new and fresh energy be directed to the difficult tasks. Then once you have done that, you will have more happiness to carry out other tasks.

3. Do Not Try to Multi Task

Multi tasking is a great skill to achieve more in lesser time. It has even be regarded as a plus for some jobs vacanies.

But the truth is does multi tasking really work?

Our levels of coping with more tasks without getting overwhelmed varies. But most times, multitasking only brings disadvantage to you.
Do not try to multitask at all. Just do the task one after another.

Little by little you will make an impact.

4. Make the decision not to give excuse

This is another important thing for you to do. Make that decision not to give any excuse. It sounds simple just like any other confession you would do and never stick to.
But it does work.

It has worked for many including me  and it is still working for others.
You can be among the others if you decide to not give any excuse again.

5. Do More

As you get comfortable with your daily task, you will see how drastically your productivity will increase.

At this time, you need to ensure you don't become too comfortable with your daily tasks that you can't stick in anything into your schedule.

Learn to make things work even when you have a stick schedule.
So this is where I'm going to.

Even when you have finished your assigned task at work or at home, ask for more.
Then by so doing you become comfortable with emergency works.

6. Make it a lifestyle

It awesome to not give excuse today but great it is when it becomes your lifestyle.
You need to make this your lifestyle and not just what you do when you are at work. Make it what you do wherever you are.

If it just what you do when you are at work, you will eventually get tired of doing it.
But when it becomes your lifestyle, you will enjoy the act of being that perfect person in making impossible possible.

Wait a minute, what will happen if you stop giving excuses?

Benefits of Not giving Excuses

1. You Will Achieve More

This is a benefit of not giving excuses. You will be able to achieve more with the same time you have. The same time that you have always said is not enough will now become independent of what you can achieve.

2. You Will be Trusted

This is a great attribute of giving no excuse. Your bosses and your clients will begin to trust you because they no you don't give excuses.
You can be able to grow your business by building a credible image for yourself.


Not giving excuse is one of the important attributes of successful people. They don't give excuse for anything. Even when it seems impossible, they see it as an opportunity to display their intelligence.

They do not allow the world control them neither is time a master over them. They master time and control what they want to do.

Don't quote me wrong,they don't control the results of their actions... But they control their actions to a high degree because of their inability to give excuse (coded).

How was the read?

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