Nigerian Google AdSense Account Approved After First Rejection
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You know the dream of all newbies in blogging,

To have an approved AdSense account.

Not having an approved AdSense account seems to be the end of their career, worse having a banned AdSense account.

Are you one of them?

You have a blog? Or you have submitted your application to AdSense before and was rejected?
Is it true, talking of what I said earlier?
that after starting your blog; the next thing that runs through your mind is monetizing your blog with Google AdSense?

Some bloggers even believe that Adsense is the only way they can monetize their blogs which is a wrong perspective about blogging.

Well I have good news for you.

To have your AdSense application approved is very simple and does not require any technical aspect.
When I started blogging, I submitted my first AdSense account application after about three months (3) of blogging.

The outcome was that my first application was rejected.
Just like you, I thought that was the end, but I have always been so persistent. I decided to try something different that you might not have heard of on the internet before.

This is a secret that I thought to keep quiet about.
But, no matter what it is, someone will talk about it one day and its better being the first to talk about something tricky, right?

That was what I thought about.

If your first application was rejected, that does not mean it’s the end.
Getting an adsense account approved has been painted by some bloggers as a very difficult thing to do, which turned to be false. When I started blogging as a newbie, I also believed those things about google adsense.

I read a lot of posts exaggerating how difficult it is to have your adsense account and how easy to be banned from google adsense program.
This might look like I am also exaggerating but believe me that is how it was painted to me through the blogs I read.
I know you are also familiar with this too.

But I am here with a different message and a good one to tell you how easy it is to have our google adsense application approved by Google Adsense.

Do You Think I’m Lucky? No this is not luck but actually how adsense work. And if its luck then you also will find that luck.
The truth Google is not a cheat like what others have painted it to be.

And also, I do not carry bad news about all I bring to my readers is good news.
Yes, from the title of this blog post, it was clearly stated that my first google adsense application was rejected.

This is true. When I first applied with a month old blog of mine, my application was rejected and the reasons for rejection were stated.

Though this application was around March 2017, which is two years ago as at the time of writing this article.

So, I cannot provide you with the image stating the reasons for my first application rejection, but I will try and summarise what it was all about and what I did to have my second application approved easily.

The reasons stated in the mail sent to me was addressing my content, saying I have few quality content on my blog which is the main reason for rejection.
The truth is as at that time I was finding it difficult to figure out what to do because then I was a poor writer.

I find it difficult deciding on what to write and how to put it in order to make it unque.
But what I have come to find out is that there is no perfect unique content.

You need to find a source of information.
Whatever you are about to write on, someone else as written on it.
The only thing that makes it unique is your writing tone.

No matter how hard I try to write, I can write like Jon Morrow of Smart Blogger.
Though I wish I could.

Enough of teasing, let talk about the real deal; how I got my second application approved after first rejection.

In a few seconds, I would be talking about exactly what I did before submitting my second Google

AdSense application.

What I did Different before submitting my Second Google AdSense Application

1. I added about 5 new Posts

Though it being long and I have updated most of my blog posts, I cannot remember the total numbers of posts I added.

But it about 5 posts to 7 posts that I added to my blog.

After the rejection, I added 5 new posts in order to improve my blogs’ image.

I added this five posts because Google Adsense specified that I add more contents on my blog and also emphasized quality content; which is what I did.

2. I changed my Admin Gmails’ account

This might sound completely new to you because no one might have suggested this to you. Yes, I did so for some personal reasons which you will find out below.

This is the new thing I was teasing you about; changing Gmail account.
This was possible because I was on the blogger platform.

In order to obtain a clean start with my Google Adsense application, I changed my Gmail account in the settings bar.

This I did in order to give Google the impression that this is a changed blog and quicken my approval process.

And this actually helped me to have my AdSense account approved on my second application.

3. I Changed my Blogger’s Template

My former template was a custom template which seems heavy and slowing down my blog loading speed.

I changed to one of the templates that is mobile responsible provided by Blogger. This change was prompted by one of the post I read on a blog which I can remember right now stating the importance of blogs’ template to google.

4. I Waited for a While

Yes, waiting for some time helped me. I waited for about one to two month(s) before submitting my second application.

These are the tips that helped me in order to have an approved AdSense application after first rejection.

Go Ahead and Try This.

Not trying this is putting this into waste. The right time to implement this change is now. So get straight with your blog and do the right thing.

Do not read any other blog until you have implemented this.
Because I am sure it going to work.

Has Your AdSense account been banned?
I also have good news you.

Though you have been backlisted on Google AdSense for one reason or the other, I don’t care.
There are other Ads network that you can join and keep getting your monthly alert.

Some of this Ads network are Propeller Ads, Chitika, Mediavine, Viglinks, Infolinks etc.
You can click on the links to register and keep earning that money.


Having your AdSense account approved is not as difficult as being portrayed by others. All you need to do is to follow instruction and have your blog prepared.

Are you just trying to submit your first AdSense application, then you can read my guide on setting up AdSense for your blog and making money right away.

Quick Tip

It took me long hours to compile this and chronicle my journey on having my second AdSense application approved.

I would really appreciate it if you share this to others. It would be painful for just a few people to read this after taking my time to compile it.

See it as your gift to me. I really love comments also, so please say Hi before going.
I would love to see you again.

Blogging in Nigeria - 13 Things Nigerian Bloggers Can Relate With
blogging in Nigeria - image of a laptop
blogging in nigeria - blogging laptop

Do you want to start a blog in Nigeria? Want to try blogging in Nigeria? Then this is a must read guide for you.

There are a lot of posts on how to start a blog, but only few have documented their blogging experience in Nigeria.
If you are looking for how to start a blog in Nigeria, I have a guide on it, click here.

But I see it compulsory for you to read the peculiarities of starting a blog in Nigeria
While starting a blog js a good business ideas for.anyone around the world including Nigeria, there are some challenges faced by Nigerian bloggers.

In this post I will be sharing both the challenges and the benefits of being a blogger in Nigeria.

So let get started with this.

What is blogging?

You must be a blogger for visiting this post, but I still do believe that a very few of us still don't understand what blogging truly means.

Blogging is the act of writing Chronicles or stories to entertain or help solve a problem.
Blogging first started as a personal web blog for sharing personal stories in an informal way just to keep diaries online.

But as time goes, people began to see how well they can monetize their blog and turn it into a business.
This was what led to the massive adoption of blogging as a business.

Come to think of it, it is massive enough. We have more than a billion blogs on the internet.
That being said, a good fraction of those blogs end up being neglected by the blogger.

Which is why stats states that over 90% of bloggers quit blogging.
And the truth is that almost every blogger have once thought of quitting blogging.

The Phase of Blogging in Nigeria

Blogging in Nigeria wasn't really appreciated because a lot of people doubt if it possible to make money from a blog not until Linda Ikeji story broke the internet (richest blogger in Nigeria).

Blogging became a professional business for a good number of people when the media carried the news of a blogger buying a mansion in Lekki ( an expenses area to live in Nigeria).
And to correct something here, Linda Ikejii wasn't the first blogger in Nigeria.

There are other top bloggers who started before her like Bella Naija, and other unknown bloggers that quitted.
But all thanks to Linda Ikeji, blogging got its name through her in Nigeria.

Blogging in Nigeria though has been recognized as a professional career, only a few bloggers in Nigeria are actually treating it like that.

A lot of Nigerian bloggers are youngsters who care less about treating their blog as a professional but rather they copy and paste other bloggers work on their blog.

Some of them have had success doing that but a good percentage of the content theft bloggers end up not achieving anything with their blog because Google is totally against it.

That being said, Most of Nigerian bloggers make their money through AdSense.
This has been one of the reasons why a lot of bloggers in Nigeria earn very low compared to other bloggers in the world.

AdSense is not the best way to monetize a blog except you have a large number of traffic.
Before I end up spitting it all out here, let get the deal done with.

13 Things Nigeria Bloggers can Relate With - Blogging in Nigeria

1. Most Nigerian Bloggers run a Multi-Niche site

If you are not a blogger, it would be a bit difficult to understand this.
A Multi-Niche blog is a blog that covers different or multiple topics all on the same site.
While a single niche blog is a blog that covers one topic.

For example, a blog that discussed about wedding is a niche blog. While a blog about wedding, movies, music, books all on a site is a Multi-Niche site.

Though some Multi-Niche blog discusses multiple topics that are somehow related to the main topic, while some discuss totally different topics.

An example of this is a blog about entertainment and technology.
I am also a victim of this.

2. You Want to Cover it All

This is a feeling almost every blogger faces. And this is because most Bloggers aren't professional.

If your main goal is to drive traffic to your blog and earn well from AdSense, then you will be tempted to cover all topics so far it is less competitive and has a high monthly volume search.

This is not something I just formulated, it is something I concluded after looking at the trends in Nigerian blogs.

It should not be strange that you will find a tech blogger blogging about NPower.

At least, I am referring to myself.

But the truth is that I am not the only one doing this. I have even started correcting all this in order to build a decent blog.

There are other bloggers like Jide Ogunsanya, a tech blogger. I visited his site one day and was shocked to find posts on recruitment, NPower, etc.

The shock was that I was expecting to find tech related stuff on the blog.
The implications of this is not farfetched.

It would be difficult to sell to an audience of different interest.
So you are better off sticking to your niche.

Lesson for Newbies
As an amateur blogger both in Nigeria and outside the country, choose a big niche that has a lot to cover.
Choose a blog niche and stick to the niche. Only add related niche to the blog after you are there is nothing to write concerning your blog niche.

3. Poor Electricity

This is another concern for Nigeria bloggers. You just can't forget where you are from.
Blogging in a land where there is poor power supply is very difficult because you need to always be online working on your blog.

If you are not reading other blogs, you will be writing blog posts, or building links to your blog, sharing your posts to social media, joining bloggers community.

All of this is much like hell for bloggers who do not have a power supply.
As a full-time blogger, you will need to work for more than 10 hours on your blog and that is so much of power consumption.

I'm also a victim of this, the average amount of time I have actively spent is 5 hours.
And this is why a good number of bloggers are behind the rest because of the advantage we have over another.

But that shouldn't be an excuse for not succeeding in the blogging profession.
Because of blogging, I had to make friends with business centres (cafe) owners in my community.

Just to be able to work from their shop and this has been helping because I could achieve 8 hours without spending a dime on power supply.

4. Copy and Paste

Hmm. My fellow Nigerian bloggers. You have an A at this.

A good number of Nigerian bloggers are content thieves. They steal from other bloggers and republish it on their blog.
I have seen some of my content being pirated by lazy bloggers and at a time, some were even ranking higher than I am.

You see the problem of content theft.

It is a threat to the real professional bloggers. They watch their content being stolen by lazy bloggers and their traffic source being plumetted

Well not anymore

I did tell you that my content was stolen. Then let me add that the first time i filed a DMCA complaint against those blogs, it was rejected.

I felt like Google doesn't even have a good algorithm the way it's being painted.
How could Google be telling me that, there was no good evidence that I own the content.

When a lot of problogger have said that Google has a good eye to catch cheaters.
Then I decided to do a bit of research again and recompose my complaint the second time.

And to my surprise, it was accepted and I have gone ahead to remove other content thieves that have stolen my content.

So you can also do the same, if you are suffering from this.
We need to treat the fuck up of lazy bloggers and let them know blogging isn't for them.

Are you still with me?

5. AdSense is our Main Means of Survival

No matter how hard or how good the preachings of do not use AdSense on your blog, Nigerian bloggers only have a few options.

Before you cast a stone at me, let me clear myself.

The bloggers I am mostly referring to here are Bloggers that have Nigerians as their main audience.
Most Nigerians will not pay you 5,000 naira for an ebook, rather they we look for how to download it for free.

And these are the people we are catering for on our blogs.
So the main source of income is to expect them to click on the ads then we keep accumulating our little cents till its worth a while.

My fellow Nigerian bloggers do understand this.

Yes there are other ways of making money like services, but we can't really afford not placing ads on our site.
Are you looking for other ways to make money blogging, I have written a guide on it here .

6. Costly Internet Services

Yes, I am referring to Data. Sometimes whenever I check my data usage and also review the amount of money I spend on data, I can't help but think about other ways of making money Blogging.

Internet Services is expensive for a newbie because he has not started making any money from his blog.
So you should see why I'm saying this.
And in order to reduce my cost, sometimes I type my blog post through my phone.

This particular post you are reading was typed on phone.
And this was because of power supply and the expensive data services we have in Nigeria.

So when my laptop battery is flat, I resort to my phone to continue the work.
And this has been the way I have been working recently.

So if you are just starting, I will advise you to get a good laptop and also a good and widescreen phone too.

Not necessarily a tablet. I am not using a tablet.

7. Your Friends and Family Don't Understand You Anymore.

This was one of the major reasons why I almost quitted blogging.
If you have family and friends who don't know what you are doing and are also expert in calculating the amount you are wasting on blogging, you will understand what I went through.

Then, my dad would always tell me I was just wasting money on what isn't real.
He was like I was getting slimmer and I was dashing Google and tele-communication network money.

And they were right because that is only what they understood by blogging.
Even my dad once told me that, blogging was a lazy man's job.
And this is a big like that he later discovered.

If you are thinking about becoming a blogger in order to escape stress, then forget it.
Blogging is more stressful than your 9-5 day job if you are willing to make it a business.
You will have to spend around 10 hours daily in order to grow your blog as fast as possible.

So prepare your mind, because blogging is not as easy as you thought.
But it's interesting though and you will find it fun if you are a good writer.

8. You Have Heard of Linda Ikeji and Bella

I was not thinking of this before😚, but I think it is worth adding it.
A good number of Nigeria bloggers started blogging just because they heard about Linda Ikeji and her rise to fame through blogging.

Well I can count myself out of this one. I never heard of Linda Ikeji not until I had already started my first blog.
And reason was because I never read a Nigerian blog on blogging because only few existed then.

So I only read ShoutMeLoud blog for blogging tips. And you sure bet that you can't find Linda Ikeji name there because there are more wildly successful bloggers in the world.

But truth be told, she is actually an inspiration to a lot of bloggers in Nigeria and I admire her work
But let clear this again. If you are thinking you will be highly successful like Linda ikeji is, then rethink your strategy.

Entertainment blogs are no go area because of their competitiveness.
Linda Ikeji was lucky enough to start her blog in a time when blogging was not yet widely recognized.

So there was little competition compared to now. So you are better off thinking a new strategy to beat the competition rather than thinking of being another Linda.

9. No Investment

A lot of Nigerian bloggers do not give a darn concerning buying ebooks and online courses that will help them grow their blog fast.

This is another truth every Nigerian bloggers can relate to.
And it's not our fault. The average cost of an online course on blogging by the so-called professional bloggers are way too expensive for us.

Imagine an online course on writing costs $1000. How can you expect Nigerians to buy the course?
$1000 dollars is equivalent to 360,000 naira.

And am sure if we had this money, we would have thought another Business to go into.
At least for a good number of us.

That amount is way too much and this is why most bloggers are of the believe that not until they make a dime there is nothing like buying a course or investing into blogging.

I also had this mindset as a beginner but things are now different.

10. Build a House and buy a car

At least most of us have this dream. They are beautiful dreams that we should all crave for.

I am also of the motion of building a house but that buying a car will come later on.

And also though these are beautiful dreams, let me give you a piece of my mind.
Do not lavish your blogging earnings. Try your best to re invest into other businesses too.

Online businesses are great to run because of their high profit potential but do not put all your eggs inside one basket.

Spread your investment into other physical businesses like poultry farming, real estate, restaurant business, etc.

So far for now, I have started my own poultry and it's moving fast.
I will write a post detailing my experience in the poultry business and how you can start yours too.

Side note - I have an ebook on poultry farm insurance if you are interested in it.

11. Nigerian Bloggers are Poor in Collaboration

This has been on my mind for some time now. Nigerian bloggers just see blogging as a way of making money and surviving they don't see the aspect of helping lives and building useful relationships.

And this has been what is limiting the profit potential of most blogs.
The very day I changed my mindset towards blogging was when I started making real money blogging.

Your Turn

We made it. There you have my own summary of my survey of blogging in Nigeria. This post was not written to bad name blogging but was written to reprogram the mind of Nigerian bloggers so that we can learn to appreciate the true call of bloggers.

Are you up for content collaboration? Then shoot mail at [email protected]

Do you need a digital marketer and writer to scale up your business through content marketing? I'm available for hire.

Shoot me an email on [email protected] and let discuss how I may be of help to you.
And for sponsored post, read this.

Let the comment behind to roll in.
Nigeria Current Affairs 2020 Questions and Answers [Updated]

Nigeria current affairs
Nigeria current affairs
Nigeria current affairs 2020 contain the recent affairs happening in Nigeria and is the best guide that can help you with any professional examination .

This post contains Nigeria current affairs quiz, questions and answers and a guide to help you make the best of this post

You can download Nigeria current affairs questions and aswers in the PDF format if you are not ready to read this long post.

The Details of Nigeria Current Affairs Questions and Answers is Below


    Brief History of Nigeria

    Federal republic of Nigeria, gained independence in the year 1960 from the British colonial rule.. These independence was made possible thanks to the hard work and good hearts of some people who were later named Nationalists. Some of the Nationalists who fought in order to make the independence successful are Nnamdo Azikwe, Muritala Muhammed, Tafawa Balewa, to name a few. Later in this article, you will find the names of the Nationalists.

    Nigeria has been regarded as the giant of Africa because of how large our population is and our land.

    Nigeria has been said to have an estimated value of 190 million people.

    The capital of Nigeria is Abuja, which is where Azo rock Villa is located.

    The Azo rock Villa is where the president dwells.

    Before you continue, let me do this modification:

    Nigeria Democracy is no longer May 29, it is JUNE 12

    Also, Please kindly share this post to your friends on facebook and twitter. Thank you in Advance as you do so.
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    Current Affairs in Nigeria Questions and Answers

    1. The parliament of Nigeria is called ________

    (A)House of Representative    (B) Senate    (C)State house of Assembly   (D) National Assembly

    Answer: D

    2.  Democracy day is celebrated in Nigeria on---------

    (A) Oct 1   (B) Jan 12   (C)May 29   (D)June 12

    Answer: D (It was recently changed)

    3. How many members make up the house of representative in Nigeria?

    (A)280    (B)774    (C)360   (D)359

    Answer: C

    4. How many members makeup senate in the upper arm of the national assembly?

    (A)100  (B)108    (C)109   (D)110

    5. Nigeria is divided into how many geopolitical zones?

    (A)5   (B)6    (C)7   (D)8

    Answer: B

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    6.   Nigeria flag was created by-------------------

    (A)Mr Aina Onabolu    (B)Prof Wole Soyinka    (C)Taiwo Akinkumi   (D)Ben Odiase

    Answer: C

    7. How many local governments do we have in Nigeria?

    (A)744   (B)774    (C) 747  (D)784
    Answer: B

    8. Who was the first military head of state?

    (A)Gen. Muritala Muhammed    (B)Gen. Ibrahim Babangida   (C)Gen. Aguiyi  Ironsi   (D)Gen. Idiagbon

    Answer: C

    9. Who stopped the killing of twins in calabar?

    (A)Henry Townsend    (B)Herbert Marculey   (C)Mongo Park   (D)Mary Slessor

    Answer: D

    10. Nigeria became a republic in what year?

    (A)May 29, 1999   (B)Jan 15, 1966 (C) Oct 1, 1960  (D)Oct 1, 1963

    Answer: D

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    11. Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) was established in what year?

    (A)May 1975 (B)May 1963  (C)May 1966   (D)May 2000

    Answer: A

    12. Which state is referred to as "The Sunshine State"

    (A)Ekiti state (B)Ondo State  (C)Jigawa state   (D)Oyo state

    Answer: B

    13. The Nigeria flag was designed by Taiwo Akinkunmi in what year?

    (A)1957  (B)1959 (C)1960  (D)1963

    Answer: B

    14. The amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates and the colony of Lagos was in what year?

    (A)1959   (B)1914  (C)1963  (D)1960

    Answer: B

    15. Nigeria celebrated her last centenary anniversary in what year?

    (A)2000  (B)2014    (C)2020   (D)1990

    Answer: B

    16. Who is the current minister of Education in Nigeria?

    (A)Prof Rukkayat Rufai   (B)Adamu Adamu    (C)Prof Adedapo Afolabi   (D)Prof. Wole Soyinka

    Answer: B

    17. The state with the least number of local government in Nigeria is------------------

    (A)Zamfara   (B)Lagos  (C)Bayelsa   (D)Anambra

    Answer: C

    18. Who is the current Senate President in Nigeria?

    (A) Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan  (B)Bukola Saraki  (C)Tukur Buratai  (D)Oshiomole


    19. Who is the current House of Rep in Nigeria?

    (A)Yakubu Dogara  (B)Bukola Saraki  (C)Femi Gbajabiamila (D)Oshiomole

    Answer: C

    20. Which state is referred to as the "Centre of Excellence?"

    (A)Ekiti state (B)Ondo State  (C)Lagos state   (D)Oyo state

    Answer: C

    21. . Which state is referred to as "The Gateway state"

    (A)Ekiti state (B)Ogun State  (C)Jigawa state   (D)Oyo state

    Answer: B

    22. The current minister of petroleum is ----------------

    (A)President Muhammodu Buhari  (B) Amaechi  (c) Aisha Alhassan (D) Babatunde Fashola

    Answer: A

    23. The first coup carried out in Nigeria was in what year?

    (A) 1996 (B) 1966  (C)1967 (D)1973

    Answer: B

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    24. Nigeria civil war started in what year?

    (A) 1967 (B) 1970 (C) 1966 (D)1985

    Answer: A

    25. The Aba Women Riot took place in what year?

    (A)1975  (B) 1929  (C) 2001 (D) 1939

    Answer: B

     Part Two of Nigeria Current Affairs Questions and Answers

    26. Who is the current INEC Chairman?   Mahmood Yakubu

    27. Who is current Chief of Army Staff? Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai

    28. Who discovered River Niger?  Mungo Park

    29. Who coined the name "Nigeria"? Flora Luggard

    30. The first trade in Nigeria was held in what year? 1953

    31. The highest mountain in Africa is? Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

    32. The Largest River in the World is? Mississippi

    33. The largest city in the world is? New York

    34. Coldest country in the world is? Russia

    35. The largest River in Nigeria is? River Niger

    36. The United Nations was founded in what year? 1945

    37. ECOWAS was founded in what year? 1975

    38. The largest city in West Africa is? Ibadan

    39. The twin towers ( World Trade Centre ) was bombed in what year? Sept 11, 2001 by Osama Bin Laden Terrorist group

    40. The league of Nations was founded in what year? 1920

    41. Central Bank of Nigeria was established in what year? 1959

    42. The smallest continent in the world is? Australia

    43. The First World War started in what year? 1914

    44. The First World War ended in what year? 1919

    45. The least populated country in the world is? Vatican city

    46. Who hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup? South Africa

    47. Nigeria is divided into how many geo-political zones? 6

    48. The most populated country in the world is? China

    49. The largest Island in the world is? Greenland

    50. The Eifel's Tower is located in what country? France

    51. Eifel's Tower was built in what year? 1889 by Gustave

     52. The Nigerian to win a Nobel Laureate is? Prof. Wole Soyinka

    53. N.Y.S.C was established in what year? 1973

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    54. Nigeria Civil War started and ended in what year? 1967-1970

    55. Nigeria changed to use of naira and kobo in what year? 1973

    56. The largest continent in the world is? ASIA

    57. The youngest judge in the whole world is John Payton

    58. The first military coup carried out in Nigeria was in 1966.

    59. Who formed the first political party in Nigeria?
    Answer: Herbert Macauly

    60. Question: What was the first political party in Nigeria?

         Answer: NNDP

    61.  Who is the current president of Nigeria?

    Answer:  Buhari

    62. Who is the current vice president of Nigeria?

    Answer: Osinbanja

    62. What does the eagle in the Nigerian coat of arm

     Answer: Strength

    63.Representative democracy is best characteristic by
    Answer: free elections and proper registers of voters

    64.  While political partial parties aim at forming a government pressure groups aim at
    Answer: influencing governmental decisions

    65. When the electorate vote for representatives who is turn vote on their behalf we say it is
    Answer: an indirect election

    66. An election which is conducted to fill a vacant seat in a legislature is called a
    Answer: by election

    67. Which of these countries does NOT operate a federal constitution

    Answer: France

    68. The major advantage of the secret ballot is that
    Answer: it ensures the anonymity of each voter

    69. In a one party state
    Answer: the ruling party is the only legal party
    70. A cabinet system of government is practiced in
    Answer: Britain and Canada

    71.  A proclamation by the head of state ending a session of parliament is called
    Answer: a dissolution

    72. The constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria
    Answer: promotes unity of diversity

    73. The transfer of authority to local government council is known as
    Answer: delegation

    74. The principle of anonymity of civil servants means that they
    Answer: are credited or blamed for any thing they do

    75. The six registered political parties in Nigeria in 1982 were

    Answer: UPN, GNPP, NAP, PRP, NPP, NPN,

    76. Which of the following is NOT a pressure group in Nigeria
    Answer: farmers


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    77. Who was the first female editor of a daily newspaper? Dr.  Doyin Abiola

    78. Who was the first Nigerian female novelist? Mrs Flora Nwakpa

    79. Who was the first female winner of an Olympic gold medal? Miss Chioma Ajunwa

    80. Who was the first female Senior Advocate of Nigeria? Mrs Folake Solanke

    81. Who was the first female Vice Chancellor? Prof. Grace Alele Williams

    82. Who was the first female Pilot? Mrs Chinyere Onyemaucheya

    83. Who was the first female Judge? Mrs Rose Menye-Ukeje

    84. Who was the first female Political Activist? Mrs Margaret Ekpo

    85. Who was the first female Deputy Inspector General of Police? Mrs Bisi Ugowe

    86. Who was the first female Doctor? Dr Elizabeth Awonyi Abimbola

    87. Who was the first female Governor in Nigeria? Mrs Virginia Etiaba

    88. Who was the first female to buy a car? Mrs Efuroye Tinubu

    89. Who was the first female to drive a car? Mrs Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti

    90. Who was the first female Speaker of the House of Assembly? Mrs Patricia Eteh


    Governmental Terms to Know

    You are reading Nigeria Current Affairs

    Democracy: is the government of the people by the people and for the people.

    Kakistocracy: is the government by the worst class of citizens.

    Oligarchy: this is the government by the rich (influential class of citizens).

    Rule of law: this is the restriction of the arbitrary exercise of power by subordinating it to well-defined and established laws. It's the supremacy of law over everybody.

    Political party: this consist of a group of people with distinct aims and objectives involving in political activities seeking to obtain control of government.

    Dictatorship: this is a system of government under a military ruler. It's a ruler who doesn't

    Consult anyone but takes decision himself.

    Monarchy: this is also known as kingship. It's when the ruler(King) rules for his lifetime and passes the position to his blood as an inheritance.

    Autocracy: this is a government by a sovereign government with uncontrollable authority.

    Amnesty: is a general pardon by a government to a certain class of offenders.

    Election: This is a system of selecting a ruler by voting.

    Affidavit: A written statement that may be presented as evidence

    Alibi: A defence that a person charged with a criminal offence was elsewhere when the offence was committed and therefore cannot be responsible for it.
    Solicitor: A person qualified to conduct legal matters.

    Plaintiff: A person who brings an action in court to seek redress from another called the defendant.


    1. Herbert Macaulay

    2. Nnamdi Azikwe

    3. Obafemi Awolowo

    4. Tafawa Balewa

    5. Ahmadu Bello

    6. Anthony Enaghoro

    7. Eyo Ita

    8. Nyong Essien

    9. Mbonu Ojike

    10. Joseph Tarka

    11. Ernest Okoli

    12. Michael Okpara

    13. Akanu Ibiam

    14. King Jaja of Opobo

    15. King Kosoko of Lagos

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    16. Oba Ovaremi of Benin

    17. Dennis Osadebe



    1. Who formed the first political party in Nigeria?
    A obasanjo
    B osama
    C obi
    D Herbert Macauly

    2. What was the first political party in Nigeria?
    A APC
    B PDP
    C NNDP
    D AD

    3. Who is the current president of Nigeria?
    A. Obasanjo
    B. Saraki
    C. Buhari
    D. Jonathan

    4. Who is the current vice president of Nigeria?
    A. Osinbanja
    B. Atiku
    C. Peter obi
    D. Namadi sambo

    5. What does the eagle in the Nigerian coat of arm
    A peace
    B Terror
    C. Agriculture
    D. Strength
    Answer: Strength

    6. Representative democracy is best characteristic by
    (A) free elections and proper registers of voters
    (B) a politically educated electorate
    (C) rule by the interest group
    (D) proper constituencies and a real choice of candidates

    7. While political partial parties aim at forming a government pressure groups aim at
    (A) causing social unrest 
    (B) influencing governmental decisions
    (C) controlling nation’s economy 
    (D) getting workers to unite

    8. When the electorate vote for representatives who is turn vote on their behalf we say it is
    (A) an indirect election
    (B) an unfair election 
    (C) a disputed election 
    (D) a rigged electron

    9. An election which is conducted to fill a vacant seat in a legislature is called a
    (A) by election 
    (B) general election 
    (C) referendum 
    (D) plebiscite

    10. Which of these countries does NOT operate a federal constitution
    (B) Nigeria 
    (C) Canada 
    (D) France

    11. The major advantage of the secret ballot is that
    (A) it is faster than other systems
    (B) nobody can be prevented from voting
    (C) it ensures the anonymity of each voter
    (D) losers can ask for another secret voter

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    12. In a one party state
    (A) there are no free citizens
    (B) the communist party is the only legal party
    (C) the ruling party is the only legal party
    (D) elections to be legislature are held at the party’s conferences

    13. A cabinet system of government is practiced in
    (A) Britain and Canada 
    (B) the soviet union
    (C) all European Countries including Britain 
    (D) the United State of America

    14. A proclamation by the head of state ending a session of parliament is called
    (A) a dissolution 
    (B) an adjournment 
    (C) a prorogation 
    (D) a devolution

    15. The constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria
    (A) promotes unity of diversity
    (B) allows for the dominance of the minority ethnic groups
    (C) concentrates governmental power at on one level of government
    (D) ensures the dominance of one political party.

    16. The transfer of authority to local government council is known as
    (A) delegation 
    (B) fusion 
    (C) fragmentation
    (D) devolution

    17. The principle of anonymity of civil servants means that they
    (A) are not the servant of a particular government
    (B) are trained for the duties they perform
    (C) are credited or blamed for any thing they do 
    (D) have a career

    18. The six registered political parties in Nigeria in 1982 were
    (A) UPN, NPN, PPA, PPP, NPP, and NAP
    (D) NPC, GNPP, PRP, UPN, NPP and PPA

    19. Which of the following is NOT a pressure group in Nigeria
    (A) farmers 
    (B) the Nigerian union of teachers (NUT)
    (C) Nigeria medical associate (NMA) 
    (D) academic staff union of university (ASUU)

    20. The N.C.N.C sent a delegation to London in 1947 to protest against the
    (A) burns constitution
    (B) Richards constitution
    (C) Littleton constitution
    (D) Macpherson constitution

    21. A popular principle of colonial administration in British west Africa was
    (A) association
    (B) indirect rule 
    (C) paternalism 
    (D) assimilation

    22. The first governor-general of colonial Nigeria was
    (A) sir, Hugh Clifford
    (B) sir James Robertson 
    (C) lord Lugard
    (D) sir Ralph moore.

    23. The first military government in Nigeria was headed by
    (A) General Yakubu Gowon, 
    (B) General Agunyi Ironsi
    (C) General M. Mohammed 
    (D) General O. Obasanjo.

    24. The first general election in Nigeria was hold in
    (A) 1933 
    (B) 1952 
    (C) 1955 
    (D) 1959

    25. The supreme organ of the U.N O is the
    (A) general assembly 
    (B) secretary general 
    (C) world court 
    (D) world bank


    1D 2C 3C 4A 5D 6A 7B 8A 9A 10D 11C 12C 13A 14A 15A 16A 17C 18B 19A 20B 21B 22C 23B 24D 25A

    Nigeria Current affair 2

    1. Traditional rulers were restricted to ceremonial rules by the local government reforms of
    a. 1966 
    b. 1976 
    c. 1984 

    2. A parliamentary system, who ensures that members are in the house to vote on major issues
    a. Party leaders
    b. Speaker of the House
    c. Clerk of the House
    d. Whip

    3. A system in which no single person serves as the chief executive is known as 
    b. Revolutionary
    c. Collegial 
    d. Parliamentary

    4. A social system in which power is derived from control over land is called
    a. Oligarchy 
    b. Feudalism
    c. Socialism 
    d. Welfarism

    5. “Rule of Law†refers to situation in which
    a. Lawyers are the rulers
    b. Laws are supreme
    c. The judiciary is independent
    d. Parliament makes laws

    6. An important principle of the civil service is
    a. Authoritarianism 
    b. Anonymity
    c. Nepotism 
    d. Partisanship

    7. Which of these constitution recognized local government as the third tier of government
    a. The 1946 Constitution
    b. The 1960 constitution
    c. The 1963 constitution
    d. the 1979 constitution

    8. A condition for judicial independence is the appointment of judges by the
    a. Civil service commission
    b. Judicial service Commission
    c. Low Review Commission
    d. The 1979 constitution

    9. The minorities Commission appointed in Nigeria in 1957 recommend that
    a. More states should be created in the federation
    b. No more states should created before independence
    c. Nigeria should revert to a unitary structure
    d. the legislature should Legislate for the minority areas
    e the minorities should constitute one state 

    10. One of these was in existence before the outbreak of the second world war
    a. The OAU 
    b. The League of Nations
    c. The UNO
    d. The Commonwealth of Nations
    e. ECOWAS

    Who is the current chairman of INEC?

    Mahmoud Yakubu

    Who is the current chief of Army staff?  Gen. Tukur Buratai 

    Ministers in Nigeria 

    • Minister of Petroleum                          President Muhammodu Buhari

    • Vice President                                     Yemi Osinbajo

    • Minister of Justice                                Abubakar Malami

    • Minister of Foreign Affairs                   Geoffrey Onyeama

    • Minister of Finance                              Zainab Ahmed
    • Minister of Defence                             Bashir Salihi Magashi

    • Minister of Education-                           Adamu Adamu

    • Minister of Industry -                            Richard Adeniyi Adebayo

    • Minister of Labour-                                 Chris Ngige

    • Minister of FCT-                                   Mohammed Musa Bello

    • Minister of Science-                             Ogbonnaya Onu

    • Minister of Solid Minerals-                   John Kayode Fayemi

    • Minister of Interior-                              Rauf Aregbesola

    • Minister of Budget-                                Udoma Udo Udoma

    • Minister of Power-                                     Saleh Mamman

    • Minister of Agriculture-                           Sabo Nanono

    • Minister of Transportation-                       Rotimi Amaechi

    • Minister of Health-                                  Osagie Ehanire

    • Minister of Women Affairs-                   Paulen Tallen

    • Minister of Niger Delta-                         Usani Uguru Usani

    • Minister of Information-                            Lai Mohammed

    • Minister of Environment-                       Amina J. Mohammed

    • Minister of Water Resources-                    Suleiman Kazaure

    • Minister of Youth and Sports-                   Solomon Dalong

    • Minister of State for Aviation-                   Hadi Sirika

    • Minister of State for Environment-             Ibrahim Jibrin

    • Minister of State for Foreign Affairs-                Khadijat Ibrahim

    • Minister of State for Solid Minerals             Bawa Bwari Abubakar

    • Minister of State for Health-                       Osagie Ehanire

    • Minister of State for Niger Delta-            Omole Daramola

    • Minister of State for Works-                       Mustapha Baba Shauri

    • Minister of State for Education-               Anthony Onwuka

    • Minister of State for Agriculture-                Heneiken Lokpobiri

    • Minister of State for Labour-                        Late James Ocholi

    • Minister of State for Budget                          Zainab Ahmed

    • Minister for Communication                           Adebayo Shittu

    • Minister of State for Industry                       Aisha Abubakar

    • Minister of State for Petroleum                     Emmanuel Kachikwu

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    6 Causes of Ethnic Conflict in Nigeria and Possible Solutions


    ethnic conflict in Nigeria

    Have you ever been denied of something you merit because of your ethnic group or tribe? I have been in that situation before. If you have not experienced that before, you will not know the significance of ethnic conflict in Nigeria.

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    I If you are to ask me, virtually everyone has been deprived of something all in the name of ethnic conflict either directly or indirectly.

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    Nigeria being the largest country in Africa has a lot of equations to balance in order to develop. Development is a thing of agreement as it a reward of peace and unity.

    In this post, I would be giving a proper introduction to ethnic conflict in Nigeria, causes and possible solutions.

    Yes, possible solutions. Why I said possible solutions is the reality differs from theoretical reasoning. The perceived solution might work and not work.

    An ethnic conflict is a conflict between two or more contending ethnic groups. While the source of the conflict may be political, social, economic or religions, the individuals in conflict must expressly fight for their ethnic group position within society (Wikipedia, 2018)

    Ethnic conflict has inflicted pain and suffering on many people than you can imagine. Ethnic conflict in Nigeria is in two forms which are:
    - Cold - Warm
    Cold Ethnic Conflict

    You might be probably wondering what I meant by cold ethnic conflict? Yes, I know I owe you an explanation.

    Cold ethnic conflict consists of exchange of cold words or cold behaviour among different ethnic groups and goes down to an indirect conflict which is only shown through reactions and dealing between ethnic groups. One of which is the indigeneship preferential treatment in the North and West.

    The Warm ethnic conflict is a term used to explain the ethnic conflict daily declared like that of the herdsmen killing, Biafra and many more.


    Cold and Warm is a term I coined in order to classify the firms in which ethnic conflict occur in Nigeria.

    An article written by Ena Dion on stated that Nigeria’s worst violence is not Boko Haram but the calm battle between herders and farmers. If you can recall I made mention of this while talking of cold ethnic conflict.

    Mr. Allen Onyema founder of the Foundation for Ethnic Harmony in Nigeria (FEHN) said Ethnicity is the bane of development in Nigeria and charged Nigerians to drop ethnic sentiments and commit themselves to a united and peaceful nation.

    To get to duty, in this post I would be discussing the major causes of ethnic conflict in Nigeria.

    Stay Tuned.


    • Religious Differences

    • Tribalism

    • Inequality

    • Ignorance

    • Corruption

    • Greediness and Autonomy

    The First on my List is :


    Religious differences have defeated the main banner of peace and unity.
    A religion as defined by Oxford Dictionary is the belief in the existence of a god or gods, anad he activities that are connected with the worship of them. 

    There are different religions in Nigeria as a result of the large number of ethnic group.

    And the three major types of religion are Christianity, Islamic religion and Traditional religion.
    In each religion, a set of psychology is programmed into their worshippers which make them feel they are right.

    Muslims belief their religion is the only religion so also other religions do the same. This type of religion differences develops conflict among the three religions.

    You have seen a fire burning , when the flammable materials are placed close to the burning fire, the fire expands and that explains the reason why a single car burning and set houses and other cars on fire.

    Now let’s look deep at the major belief planted in the minds of people.
    People have the belief that their religion is the best.
    I probably must have mentioned that.

    Let’s take this illustration

    If a year old kid is put in a community of mad people (totally mad), and raised there for the first 20 years of his life. What do you think will be his reaction when he comes to stay among normal people (mentally normal)?
    There is no way I can hear from you about the question except through the comment box.

    But believe me, that child will all those normal people MAD. Why? Because he has a very different psychology of how to eat, how to drink, how to talk and how to live.

    Same thing applies here, we all are raised from different homes and taught different things about life which makes me different from YOU.
    Let’s move to the second point.


    While planning to write on tribalism, I got lost because I find it difficult to put the significance of tribalism in ethnic conflict in just few sentences. Bear with me; I will do my best to write in few sentences the effect of tribalism in Nigeria. 

    Tribalism is a discrimination that occur among different tribes. 

    The three major ethnic groups in Nigeria (Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa) have grown an internal strife based on their belief. Each tribe beliefs that they are better than the rest and should be identified and respected anywhere they find themselves.

    This kind of belief is the major cause of terrorism as terrorists are from the same tribe and fighting for what they belief as a just cause. The hausas belief they are the owner of Nigeria and rulers should always come from them.

    Tribalism is also linked to other causes of ethnic conflict.

    A Tribalist:

    Discriminate people from other tribes.
    He speaks good of his tribe but ill of other tribes.

    He is unnecessarily stereotypical of other tribes
    Politicians and leaders use this weakness to win election and divide their country through tribalism.

    Employment into government positions are mostly for tribal reasons and not on merit.
    A critical observation of our leaders in the federal level is an example as it is crystal clear that majority of the leaders are from the Northern part of Nigeria. 

    This is adding fuel to the burning fire of ethnicity. Campaigns are based on tribalism; a leader gives his tribesmen a reason to put him in position.

    Tribalism also infected the Nigeria Educational System. You will find more northerners in the University of Ilorin and find more Lagosians in Lagos State University (LASU). Every organisation and institute is making it more difficult by separating Nigerians through tribalism.


    The main message in democracy is equality i.e. government of the people by the people and for the people.

    But Nigeria has defeated the main cause of democracy. Nigerians engage in inequality.


    What exactly is Inequality?

    Inequality is defined as an unfair or not equal state. This is when a particular ethnic group is favoured compared to others.

    Yes, I know we have mathematics gurus on this blog, who can explain what inequality is in mathematics.

    In mathematics, whatever you do to the right hand side of an equal to sign, you must also do to the left. This same thing applies to the real world.
    Deal with everyman equally irrespective of their tribe or ethnic group. Whatever is done to the Yoruba should also be done to the Hausas and Igbos.

    But this is not the case; each ruler spends more on his own ethnic group or state.

    Do you expect others to sit and watch? No
    They would think of a way around it, and this leads to ethnic conflict.

    I do not want the peace that passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace. Helen Keller
    This is what we lack “Understanding” and this leads to the next point.


    Ignorance , the root and stem of all evil. Plato
    There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action. Johann Wolf gang Von Goethe
    Going about with false knowledge of people is invalid and kills. Ignorance kills a man. You end up criticizing people for no reasons because you are not just a carrier of false information but also a carrier of foolishness.

    I do not mean hurt you.

    It is foolishness, because some people never attempted to find out if its true or not.
    Some old fallacy sayings about a tribe is enough to make you jump to conclusion.
    Why must old fallacy that springs up from a man because of his own personal mistake and end up being the reality of everyone.

    “My people perish because they lack wisdom”


    Corrupt leaders create the drift among ethnic groups. This drift is done for a political cause in order to obtain political positions and disarm their opponents. This drift created leads to ethnic conflict.

    As election comes closer, political instability is passed on and causes ethnic conflict.
    Political positions are given by nepotism not merit. There is a clear inequality in Nigeria government.

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    Some ethnic groups seek autonomy not because of the good of the people but because of greediness of some corrupt leaders.

     The greed to control natural resources such as crude oil, bitumen and many other important resources make these leaders to connive for selfish interest.

    I do not blame any because; they are going through a lot of plights and their sacrifice for the country should not be neglected. If I was in their shoes, I will do the same. Yes, you know what am talking about, the Biafran Movement.

    I support them but believe there could still be a better way of building mutual understanding and encouraging peace and unity in the country.


    Few months ago, while watching a series movie, my aunt made a statement that wasn’t funny to correct me, and I smiled. 

    She then said “why do you smile a lot”, I smiled again and someone interrupted and said “Do you not know you behave like a 2 years old boy, mature man!”

    I kept quiet this time and whispered to myself “Living like a 2 years old boy is better than a mature man who knows nothing than to criticize” A baby is better than a man who does not forgive easily, who keeps grudges.
    That was what I said to myself

    Yes, I do prefer to live as a 2 years old boy than a mature man. No man is as mature as a baby as there are many things a man will take years to learn that a baby can do without mistake!

    The best psychologists in the world are babies, because they know how to make peace with everyone.
    Always remember peace starts within.
    “United we stand; divided we fall”
    The following are the possible solutions to ethnic conflict.


    If you want peace you don’t talk to your friends, you talk to your enemies- Desmond Tutu
    Peaceful negotiation goes a long way in settling conflict. A diplomatic negotiation should be done between the ethnic groups involved.


    Judicious use of natural resources not only enhances the longevity of natural resources but also improve the national economic purse.

    Natural resources can go a long way in developing a country and can also draw in investors and create job opportunities.

    These natural resources are found in different states.

    These states should be given full right to the natural resources in order to aid development of the state and in order to foster unity; the state should pay some percentage to the federal government in order to help the less privileged states.

    An example is Niger Delta, the home of crude oil. Federal government extract the oil and left the state in a worse condition; took away their occupation (fishing) by destroying the rivers and other water bodies through oil spillage

    This is why I do not blame them for seeking autonomy

    Government should give them full right to their natural resources and develop the state.


    Job opportunities should be provided. If everyone is employed, crime rate, conflict will reduce and there will be unity.
    Entrepreneurship should be encouraged through allocation of funds to entrepreneurs.


    Each ethnic group should be treated with equality as everyone is important to the growth and development of Nigeria.
    If each ethnic group is treated with equality, ethnic conflict in Nigeria will disappear.


    Federalism is a system of government in which a written constitution divides power between a central government and regional or sub-divisional government.
    Power sharing is the main message in Federalism.

    Power should be equally shared from the federal level to the state level and to the local level.
    Power sharing encourages a transparent government.

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    One of the things which I respect General Yakubu Gowon is for the establishment of NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) which has helped to foster unity. But there are some challenges faced by corps which should be looked into such as the monthly salary and other things.


    Conflict cannot survive without your participation – Wayne Dyer
    Learn to abstain from conflict as conflict will never survive our participation. Lastly, I leave you with Ronald Reagon word:
    Peace is not the absence of conflict; it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means- Ronald Reagon