The Social Media is More Damaging Than The Gun - Effects Of Social Media
effects of social media

Effects Of Social Media - The Social Media is More Damaging Than The Gun

Social media is a forum that allows people to connect to their friends and family easily through the international network (Internet).

You make use of facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp and fail to see the negative effects it has on us.
Some even make use of it religiously not seeing its negative impact on their life.

While a gun is a weapon incorporating a metal tube from which bullets, shell or other missiles are propelled by explosive force, typically making a characteristic loud, sharp nise.

 From my researchs and enthusiasm for articles, I have come to the conclusion that the social media is more damaging.

My points are below.

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          To put the horse before the cart, the social media has made people dependent in controlling their moral lives in the sense that; Today, users are seen on their phones constantly checkiing their apps in hopes of brief entertainment.

 Many want to know what is trending and others can't seem to stop tweeting and direct messaging.

negative effects of social media
This will soon become an addiction which people can't do without.

The common statement that most people utter is that "I can't do without my phone".

This raises the question, is it right to depend on social media to run your personal life.

                    To shine more light on this, social media corrupts the inner man which is me dangerous than gun. because the gun can only kill the flesh, but can't kill the soul.

                But the social media which corrupts the inner man,is capable of damaging the soul. Please don't misunderstand me, through the social media, countless number of people will lose heaven and countless has lost heaven.

   So if it is the social media that will make me lose heaven, I had rather do away with it.

         Moreover, the social media is more damaging because it gives people the forum to give false and unreliable information, which has led to the death of many, and many will still die through the false information allover the internet.

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Unilag Post Utme: Possible General Paper Questions to Expect

Possible General Paper/Current Affairs Questions

This is also for those searching for:
general paper in Nigeria, Unilag Undergraduate Post UTME past questions, Unilag general paper Questions and Answers.

University of Lagos (Unilag) Post utme has proven difficult to most people even after passing jamb (Utme). Unilag is the dream school of most aspirant.

You know what that means?

You will be competing against thousands of student for admission: a survival of the fittest game.
Unilag post utme is 30% of your screening grade point.


Unilag post utme consists of three subjects which are:

English Language – 20 questions

Mathematics   - 10 questions

General paper (current affairs) – 10 questions

In this post I will be giving you a hint and a summary of general paper (current affairs) to digest in preparation of the Examination.

Unilag Post Utme Current Affairs Summary

University of Lagos Brief History

University of Lagos was established on the 22 of October, 1962. The University of Lagos is made up of two campuses.
Motto: In deed and In Truth
Present Vice Chancellor: Professor Oluwatoyin Temitayo Ogundipe
Location: Akoka, Yaba, Lagos State.
Local Government: Lagos Mainland


Nigeria is also known as Federal Republic of Nigeria. Federal Republic of Nigeria stands as a border with Benin Republic on the west; Cameroon on the east; Gulf of Guinea on the south and Niger on the north.
Motto: Unity and faith; peace and progress
Capital: Abuja
Present President: Muhammadu Buhari
Vice President: Prof Yemi Osinbajo
Senate President: Bukola Saraki. Note (Nigeria has 109 Senators
Local governments in Nigeria: Nigeria has 774 local governments.


 Nigeria was amalgamated in the year 1914. So what’s Amalgamation? Amalgamation is the process of uniting the northern and southern part of Nigeria together. This is what brought the east, west, north, south to be one and united: standing as a country and having one ruler (overseer). The amalgamation was brought by Sir Frederick Lord Luggard. The name ‘Nigeria’ was given by Lady Lord Luggard in the year 1898.
In the year 1963 Nigeria became a republic.

Nigeria Flag

The Nigeria flag was designed by Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi in the year 1959 but officially hoisted on 1 October, 1960.

Nigeria flag consist of two colours (not three): the two colours are green and white. The central white stripe symbolizes peace and country unity, while the green stripes symbolize fertile land.


Nigeria Coats of Arm

Coat of arms has a black shield with two white lines that form in a “Y” shape. The black shield represents Nigeria’s fertile soil; while the horses or chargers on each side represent dignity. The Eagle represents strength.

The “Y” symbol represents river niger and river benue. The Nigeria coat of arms was adopted on the 20 May 1960.


I added this because Unilag also set their Post utme question on the current affairs of the State which is Lagos. Let’s run through this short summary about Lagos.
Lagos state has the largest population in the world. It’s a cosmopolitan city (i.e. a city consisting of people of different culture, race and country.)
Lagos state was created in 1967.
Present Governor: Akinwunmi Ambode
Deputy Governor: Dr (Mrs) Idiat Oluranti Adebule.
Slogan: Centre of excellence
Lagos state has 20 local governments.
General National Current Affairs
The Nigeria indigenous Governor General and also first ceremonial President was Dr Nnamdi Azikwe.
The first Prime minister in Nigeria was Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.
The military Head of state in Nigeria was General Aguiyi Ironsi.
The first executive President of Nigeria was Alhaji Shehu Shagari.

Important things to know

It’s true that Nigeria current affairs questions should be well prepared for but you also to prepare for civic education because general paper questions consist more of government questions.
1.    The first secondary school in Nigeria is CMS grammar school Lagos. It was formed in the year 1859.
2.    First newspaper in Nigeria (Iwe Iroyin) was published 1860.

3.    The first government primary school was established at Badagry.


4.    The first political party in Nigeria is the Nigerian National People’s Party (NNPP). It was formed in the year 1923 by Herbert Macaulay.

5.    NYSC was established in the year 1973.

6.    The youngest judge in the whole world is John Payton

7.    The first military coup carried out in Nigeria was in 1966.

8.    Nigerian Naira was introduces on the 1 January 1973

9.    1805 Usman Dan Fodio conquered Bornu

10.    1906 Federal capital of Nigeria moved from Calabar to Lagos

11.    1963 Nigeria became a Republic

12.    1925 First aeroplane landed in Nigeria at Kano

13.    1973 Nigeria changed to the use of naira and kobo

14.    1898 The name ‘Nigeria’ was given by Lady Lord Lugard


Governmental Terms to Know

Democracy: is the government of the people by the people and for the people.

Kakistocracy: is the government by the worst class of citizens.

 Oligarchy: this is the government by the rich (influential class of citizens).

Rule of law: this is the restriction of the arbitrary exercise of power by subordinating it to well-defined and established laws. It’s the supremacy of law over everybody.

Political party: this consist of a group of people with distinct aims and objectives involving in political activities seeking to obtain control of government.

Dictatorship: this is a system of government under a military ruler. It’s a ruler who doesn’t
Consult anyone but takes decision himself.


Monarchy: this is also known as kingship. It’s when the ruler(King) rules for his lifetime and passes the position to his blood as an inheritance.

Autocracy: this is a government by a sovereign government with uncontrollable authority.

Amnesty: is a general pardon by a government to a certain class of offenders.

See - Unilorin Cut Off Mark

Election: This is a system of selecting a ruler by voting.

Affidavit: A written statement that may be presented as evidence

Alibi: A defence that a person charged with a criminal offence was elsewhere when the offence was committed and therefore cannot be responsible for it.

Solicitor: A person qualified to conduct legal matters.

Plaintiff: A person who brings an action in court to seek redress from another called the defendant.


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Words and Synonyms: 460 Words and Synonyms you Should Know Before Your Next English Examination

460 Words and Synonyms you Should Know before your Next Examination

What are Synonyms?

English words to know


 Synonyms are words that have the same meaning and could replace the words in question

synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language, for example shut is a synonym of close.

Teetotaler        Abstainer
Rapport        Sympathetic relationship
Stiff-necked    Very Adamant, Very unyielding, unmoved , inconsiderate
Askance        Suspicion
Execute-        Implement, Carry out
Adverse        Unfavourable
Fearless        Intrepid
Combustible    Volatile
Reiterate        Repeat
Imbecile        Stupid
Innocuous    Harmless
Precursor    Preliminary
Mundane        Worldly
Consequence    Result
Wrath    -    Wickedness, anger
Boomerang    Planned for someone else
Character    Behaviour
Duplex -        apartment    Double apartment
Dubious        Doubtful
Curtail -        Shorten
Officious        Over-zealous
Charismatic    Influential
Luggage    Load
Devastation    Destruction
Generous    Kind, gracious
Salient    -     Important
Implicating    Involving
Subtle-        Tricky
Ubiquitous    Found everywhere
Nubile age    Reached the age of marriage
Umpteen        Times without number
Enthusiasm    Interest
Absolved        Cleared
Fragile-        Delicate
Nasty        Unpleasant
Difficult        Quagmire
Evasive        Elusive
Invaluably        Inestimably
Perfunctory    Careless
Invectives    Curses
Spurious        FALSE
Stigma        Disgrace
Tumultuous    Noisy
Irascible        Become angry easily
Ignoble        Shameful, dishonourable
Faultless        Impeccable
Ingenious        Clever
Susceptible    Prone
Laudable        Praiseworthy
Unsavoury    Unpleasant
Amnesia        Loss of memory
Concurrent    Simultaneous
Insolvent        Bankrupt
Monotonous    Unexciting
Up in the air    Uncertain
Make good    Fulfil
Dark horse defeat    Unexpected defeat
Averred        Affirmed
Fell through    Failed
Nonchalant    Misconstrued
Hold up-        Delay
Break through    Outstanding success
Recrimination    Accusation
Crux-        Most important
Quick look    Glance
Aversion        Dislike
Stare-        Gaze
Gullible-        Easily deceived
Prodigal        Extravagant
Colossal        Gigantic
Freelance    Unattached
Jaundice        Prejudice
Point black    Bluntly
Genuine        Ring true
Incredible        Unbelievable
Adorn-        Decorate
Ostracized    Outlawed, shut from others
Aggravate    Worsen
Review           Examine
Endure-        Tolerate
Obnoxious    Unaware
Put up-        Tolerate
Inevitable        Unavoidable
Enraged        Incensed, annoyed, angered
Exhaustiv    e    Thorough
Inquisitive        Curious
Imperative    Necessary
Absurd-        Despondent
Disparage    Belittle
Astounding    Amazing
Appalled        Shocked
Modest    -    Humble
Revered        Respected
Credulous    Gullible
Genuine        Original
With doubts    Pinch of salt
Hell bent        Seriously determined
Masterminded    Brain behind
Conflict-        Quarrel
Feeble-        Weak
Alien        Foreigner
Annulled        Cancelled
Superb-        First-class
Adjacent        Near
Blueprint        Plan
Cooked the books    Defrauded
Gloomy    -    Miserable
Ephemeral    Transient
Mobile        Movable
Fall back        Depend
Gone bananas-    Become mad, silly or very angry
Given in        Surrendered
Kiing    -    Monarch
Redounds    Contributes
Fleeing    -    Brief
Bust    -    Bankrupt
Pollute    -    Contaminate
Crisis    -    Turmoil, impasse, imbroglio
Inaccessible    Unapproachable
Inadvertently    Unpurposely
Decline-        Refuse
Quiet-        Tranquil
Erratic-        Irregular
Corroborated    Confirmed
Consolidate    Strengthen
Extravagant    Wasteful
Disgruntled    In a bad mood
Perjury-        Falsehood
Shabby-        Dog-eared
Revive-        Rejuvenate
Humorous    Amusing
Fall out-        Quarrel
Rudimentary    Elementary
Abortive        Unsuccessful
Peculiar    -    Strange
Proof-read    Vetted
Compose    Be courageous
Rancour        Hatred
Overt-        Open
Covert-        Hidden
Scavenger    Deals with refuse
Comprehend    Understand
Zenith    -    Highest level
Regrets    -    Apologies
Acceded        Accepted
Amendable    Responsive
Significant    Important
Commended    Praised
Manifested    Demonstrated
Wholesome    Health giving
Marvellous    Wonderful
Fantasy    -    Dream
Gigantic        Big
Ajar    -    Open
Shadow    -    Reflection
Soothe    -    Lessen
Courageous    Bold
Given to        Addicted to
Vindictive        Unforgiving
Ascetic-        Austere
Niggard-        Stingy
Entice-        Lure
Aggressive-    Offensive
Invaluable-    Priceless
Underscores-    Emphasizes
Indomitable    Unconquerable
Solitary    -    Lonely
Obstinate        Stubborn
Fortified        Enriched
Candidly        Frankly
Clandestine    Secret
Appropriate    Suitable
Frivolous        Unimportant
Tyrant    -    Unjust ruler
Insane-        Mad
Imperative    Essential, important
Comrades    Loyal friends
Despair        Hopelessness
Diabolical        Wicked
Polite        Courteous
Flabbergasted    Surprised
Harsh        Sarcastic
Rescind        Cancel
Occasionally    Seldomly
Protem        Acting
Anarchy        Without government
Avert        Avoid